IEM New York: FURIA Goes 2 Up, Triumph and ImPerium Go 2 Down

At day two of IEM New York, FURIA scored their second win with much effort, Team Liquid and Chaos debuted in style.

Chaos started the day on the right foot, as they fired on all cylinders against Mythic on Inferno. Opposition would come at the hands of former Team Liquid coach, Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag, yet his valiant effort wasn’t enough, as the match came to its natural conclusion with a convincing 16-8 score.

The second map took them to Mirage, with a more composed performance from Mythic resulting in some encouraging signs. Nonetheless, once the second half started, they were quick to falter to a clinical CT side from Chaos, debuting on a 2-0.

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Team One was looking for a possible upset on Team Liquid, and the odds looked good as they closed out an 8-7 half on their map pick of Dust2. However, Liquid mounted quite the wall on defence, dropping only one round before securing the first map.

Things were even more one sided on Overpass, with superstar duo Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski and Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken showing complete control of the offensive initiative. Their supremacy continued on the other half, as Twistzz denied a 1v3 clutch from Pedro ‘Maluk3’ Campos to end the series.

EliGE secured the first points for Liquid in IEM New York with an astounding 122.2 ADR

Promising to ‘try their best’ against the Brazilians on their pre-match interview, Triumph busted into Mirage with a beefy entrance, with FURIA on a three-round deficit by the half.

Nonetheless, after transitioning to offence, it was on maestro Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan to conduct another one of his famous symphonies. The tempo was once again set to presto, even though the instruments weren’t all on tune and the musicians nearly fell of the stage, but by the time the curtains fell, the concert was over 22-19.

Credit to HLTV

A truly furious triple P90 charge by the Brazilians got them the first round on Inferno, but a solid display from Triumph managed to dismantle their aggression and complete the 16-7 upset.

The series was tied as we reached the last map of Train. This time, FURIA didn’t forgive and didn’t stop, closing the door on the North American side with a 16-8.

FURIA drop their first map since September 22th in a Best-of-Three series that they won against Chaos

North American teams Rebirth and ImPerium were up against each other, trying to make a name for themselves and grab a win to avert closing day two with two defeats. In line with this, the first map kicked off with a brawl up until Rebirth started to snowball rounds into a 16-6 closure.

Confident was the word to describe Rebirth’s defence on Overpass. They flipped the odds on their opponent’s map pick and jolted into half-time with a jumping Zeus, yet the higher they climb, the harder they fall, as ImPerium won thirteen rounds in a row and got the last word on the map with a 16-14.

The answer came as Carson ‘nosraC’ O’Reilly and company got an equally impressive twelve rounds. This time, Rebirth didn’t hesitate and finished the series 2-1.

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