Fury Unleashed Review – An Action Roguelike Done Right!

Fury Unleashed is a roguelike action platformer. The game takes inspiration from modern iterations such as Dead Cells and Risk of Rain along with nostalgic old-school shooters like Contra and Metal Slug! Developed and published by Awesome Games Studio, Fury Unleashed released on May 8th 2020 for PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Fury UnleashedDeep in the Amazon jungle, an ancient evil has awakened. Only you can stop it from devouring the world. You must find out why John Kowalsky, the author of the comic book series you inhabit, is having a creativity crisis. The goal of each level or ‘chapter’ is to traverse the comic-book pages you are in living in to try and find the exit. All of the levels are procedurally generated, changing every time you die and restart. This gives the game fantastic replay value while keeping gameplay fresh and unique. You also have the ability to fast travel if you find yourself at a dead end. This feature is greatly appreciated, as it saves time having to backtrack and take unnecessary damage.

Throughout the levels, (or chapters) you can find a variety of different weapons, all of which have certain power levels. You can find SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers, Rail Guns and more! However, these weapons will be lost if you die. But you will keep any XP you earned during the level, meaning that dying isn’t the worst thing, as you always re-enter levels stronger and more experienced than before.

The moment-to-moment combat is insanely entertaining. Incredibly tight and responsive controls make dodging bullets an exhilarating experience! The weapons have great impact. In particular, the grenades are a blast to use! In fact, the controls and gameplay were much more complex than anticipated. You can dash, stomp, throw an extremely powerful grenade and you even have an ultimate ability. Learning how to properly dash is a must if you want to survive the oncoming assault and boss battles. The game is certainly more than meets the eye. You can even bring a friend along for the ride with local co-op access, with online co-op coming in a future patch.

As you battle through the chapters, the enemies will drop black and gold orbs. The gold orbs are the in-game currency which allows you to purchase weapons, armour, buffs and health packs, whilst the black orbs are absorbed into your XP bar which, when filled, will obtain skills points for your character. In addition, you can unlock dramatic changes to appearance, even downloading faces and masks from the Steam Workshop.

Fury Unleashed With a unique comic book aesthetic that will take you from the Aztec Jungle to Nazi-occupied space stations, there are four different comic-books to explore and experience. Now be warned: this game is hard, you will inevitably die and since you must defeat the comic in one flawless run, no checkpoints, no second chances, this game might not be for everybody. Thankfully, if you are finding the experience too difficult, you can switch to Easy Mode where you can adjust the settings (such as how much damage you take) until you are comfortable.

In addition, there are a ton of primary and secondary weapons for you to unlock and experiment with. Furthermore, when in missions, you can find optional quests, challenges and trails that can earn you additional weapons and rewards. With over 80+ items, 50+ enemies and almost 40 boss battles, Fury Unleashed is packed full of content! One downside the game does have is its length, clocking in at around 10-15 hours. However, this will depend on what difficulty you play the game on, though the procedurally generated content means the game can be replayed over and over again.

In Conclusion: 

Fury Unleashed delivers fast-paced frantic action, creating a perfect mixture of genres, to deliver an expectational gaming experience! It has my full recommendation! 

Fury Unleashed is currently available on the Steam Store, PS4, X-Box One and Nintendo Switch for £17.99. If you are interested in purchasing the game you can do so HERE!

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