G2 Esports Valorant Invitational Talent Lineup Announced

The first Riot-endorsed VALORANT tournament series was announced today, kicking off with the G2 Esports VALORANT Invitational this weekend and the RAGE tournament in Japan. The G2 Esports invitational will feature eight teams with captains that will pick their teams just one day before the tournament starts on June 19. 

G2 took to Twitter to announce its broadcast talent lineup. 

Desk Host: Frankie Ward


Mark “Boq” Wilson 

David “Simo” Rabinovitch

Lauren “Pansy” Scott

Chris “Puckett” Puckett

First of all, this talent lineup is one of the best so far for a VALORANT tournament. Pansy and Puckett proved they have wonderful chemistry and energy in last night’s Immortals First Light tournament. Puckett, coming from the days of MLG with Halo and Call of Duty as well as the Overwatch League, brings an entertaining and hype presence. Pansy is a major-tested CS:GO analyst and can complement any type of casting. 

Ward comes from hosting a variety of esports and has been working a lot of online broadcasts during the COVID-19 outbreak. Whether she is doing a desk host job or interviewer, she’s a great presence on an esports desk.

Boq and Simo aren’t as much of household names as the others, but they are up and coming VALORANT voices. Simo has been working a great number of VALORANT tournaments so far. He did the Immortals tournament and a few Nerd Street Gamers’ clashes.

Boq comes over from CS:GO, working as an analyst, commentator and host. He has been a go-to for a few of the current VALORANT tournaments. 

It’s interesting to see the VALORANT voices start to come out in the early days of the esports scene. The G2 Valorant Invitational is sporting a wonderful lineup. The tournament starts on Friday, June 19.