G2 Triumphs over FunPlus Phoenix in Blast Invitational

G2 Esports defeated FunPlus Phoenix 3-2 in the grand finals of the Blast Twitch Invitational yesterday. G2 came into the finals with a 1-0 map advantage after beating FunPlus 2-0 in the Upper Final. The two teams have been the closest in Europe so far, and their matchup went down to the last map once again.

FunPlus Phoenix immediately tied up the series with a 13-7 win on Ascent. It was a rough match for ardiis on G2, who went 5/18/6, yet he and the rest of G2 turned the tides with a 13-4 slapping on Bind, where they won all 12 rounds of their defense side. It was an all around great map for G2, as they stifled the FunPlus Phoenix approach.

Haven was another blowout, with FunPlus Pheonix winning 13-6 after gaining a stout 8-4 advantage on offense. The Omen of ANGE1, who played a phenomenal series, fragged out on the map, posting 18 frags. The series was tied up 2-2 with each map being decided by at least six rounds. The back and forth nature of the maps became back and forth rounds on the decider map Split.

Everyone brought their A-game on Split. FunPlus Phoenix won the pistol round and the subsequent Eco round before G2 fired off five straight round wins. G2 would hold a 7-5 advantage going into the second half. When FunPlus Phoenix switched to defense, they seemed to click. They won their first five rounds of the half, holding a 10-7 lead over the seemingly unbeatable G2.

Winning five rounds straight on offense on Split can be difficult. G2 started with a fast A push that caught their opponents off guard and had the bomb down in a 4v4 that eventually came down to a 1v1 that G2 Pyth won in an easy trade.

The next round saw Mixwell in a 1v2. He planted at the B site and turned and burned the two players to keep G2 off the ropes. They tied the game in the next round before FunPlus Phoneix snuck another one in. When the score was 11-10 in favor of FunPlus, G2 struck with a B push that ended in yet another 1v1 between G2 paTiTek and Meddo that G2 pulled out. G2 then ran over FPX in the final round, clinching their sweep of European Ignition Series.

Winning the Blast Twitch Invitational puts another notch in the belt of the best European Valorant team so far. They still have lost only one series, a 2-0 loss in the group stage to FPX back at Allied Esports Odyssey. Can anyone top G2?