Gamezo Weekly Roundup: Week One – LA Thieves, Mass Effect & More

It’s the Gamezo Weekly Roundup: Week One. We’re talking about all the delays that have been anounced, the usable storage in the next-generation consoles, and more!

Gamezo Weekly Roundup: Week One

The next-generation of consoles is right around the corner. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Black Ops Cold War, Godfall, Spider-Man Miles Morales are all coming within the next month. However, once again, Cyberpunk 2077 dominates any talk of upcoming releases as it was once-again delayed.

Cyberpunk 2077 Pushed Back Until December 10

Although the game has gone Gold, meaning it’s ready to be put onto discs, CD Projekt Red have decided that they need a little more time to finish up development of the title. What does this mean, though?

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Aside from players (hopefully) getting a more-polished experience on launch, there will most-likely be a substantial Day One Patch to include any of the changes CD Projekt Red are making between now and then.

This isn’t the only game that’s been pushed back, though…

The Medium Pushed Back Until January 2021

This was originally due to release on December 10, Cyberpunk 2077’s new launch date, but has been delayed in an effort to avoid the competition. This is undoubtedly the right decision, given the anticipation for Cyberpunk.

The Medium is an upcoming psychological horror title developed by Bloober Team for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It features a unique “Dual Reality” gameplay mechanic which allows the main playable character, Marianne, to travel between the Spirit Realm and the Realm of the Living.

We’re not sure how big this game will be, but people purchasing the Xbox Series S may want to look away now…

Next-Gen Console Useable Storage Has Fans Worried

We all know that most triple-A games nowadays take up a lot of space, so usable storage is a big deal for the next generation of consoles. Especially when you consider the fact that additional storage could supposedly be setting you back around $200!

It may not come as a surprise to anyone that neither the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 has a full 1TB of storage space. However, what may surprise you is the fact that the PlayStation 5 has almost 150GB less space, according to reports.

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The Xbox Series S clocks in at around 300GB of available internal storage, which is no surprise, meanwhile the Xbox Series X reportedly has just over 800GB! When you compare this with reports that the PlayStation 5 only has around 660GB of storage available… You can see the difference.

There’s no information as to whether this includes the pre-installed Astro’s Playroom, or not, but that’s still a sizable gap between the two. Especially when you consider the file-size of new games, like Black Ops Cold War.

That isn’t the only game you’ll need to make room for on your PS5 though.

PS Plus Collection Line-up Confirmed

Gamezo Weekly Roundup Week One
Credit: PlayStation

Earlier this week, several additional titles were announced for the PS Plus Collection. It may seem like PlayStation’s attempt to answer to GamePass, but it’s in no way a bad deal. The PS Plus Collection brings twenty games to PS Plus subscribers at no extra cost, with every game on the list being available at launch on the PS5.

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The PS Plus Collection includes both first-party games, such as Days Gone and God of War, as well as third-party titles. Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombie Chronicles Edition, and the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy are amongst the newly announced titles for the service. Other titles include the souls-like Bloodborne, Resident Evil 7, and Final Fantasy 15’s Royal Edition

The PS Plus Collection is only the beginning for bringing old classics to next-gen consoles…

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Announced

That’s right! It was N7 Day earlier this week and Mass Effect fans got two exciting pieces of information. Firstly, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was announced!

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This contains all the single-player content for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. That includes all the DLC and any promotional content you might have missed first time around. Bioware promises that these remastered Mass Effect games will feature updated character models, graphics, and textures with 4K support and the expected 60 FPS.

Gamezo Weekly Roundup Week One
Credit: Bioware

There was also word that a “Veteran Team” of Mass Effect devs were working on a new entry in the series, but we don’t have any more information regarding that just yet.

In Esports News, 100T Return To The CDL

After a lot of speculation, 100 Thieves have finally announced that they’re going to return to Call of Duty League with their CDL 2021 team: LA Thieves.

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When asked about this decision, Nadeshot had the following to say: 

‘ For the last year, we’ve just felt a gap, or a hole, at the core of our community. It didn’t feel right, after winning two major championships, to be not a part of Call of Duty in some way. We had to get back. The opportunity was right. LA is the market we want to be in. ‘

Can the LA Thieves live up to the hype, though? That remains to be seen. 

This week also sees Joonas “doto” Forss joining Finnish CS:GO Org ENCE, Peter Dun join League of Legends’ Evil Geniuses as the team’s LCS Head Coach, and rumours that LS and Effort will both be joining T1 as coaches for the next year.

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There are also some rumours that the LCS format is ditching split, spring-summer seasons and moving to a longer format. Although, nothing has been confirmed just yet. 

Feature of the Week: Among Us Deep-Dive

 Earlier this week, we did a deep-dive on Among Us developers InnerSloth. There are currently three people listed as InnerSloth developers. Forest Willard, the man in charge of the business side of things, Marcus Bromander, an animator and game designer, and Amy Liu, an artist and general task-doer. 

Gamezo Weekly Roundup Week One
Credit: InnerSloth

Although Among Us is by-far their most popular title, InnerSloth have also developed and published two other fantastic titles. Dig2China is a title which has you attempting to dig through the centre of the earth in an attempt to reach China. Meanwhile, The Henry Stickmin Collection features all of Henry Stickmin’s adventures in one neat package. 

The team also developed Newgrounds game Sports for Ludum Dare Game Jam 41, a title that mixes soccer and sword fighting! Each game is a little different but is still full of the InnerSloth charm that’s seemingly perfected in Among Us.

That’s all for this week’s Gamezo Weekly Roundup: Week One, but be sure to tune in for the next one! It’s going to be a busy week…

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