Gears 5 Bautista Mode Recasts Marcus With WWE Star

Yep. 2020, everybody! In the next-gen version of Gears 5, Bautista mode has been added to allow players to switch out Marcus Fenix in the campaign with Bautista. I know, right?

Do you remember when the Gears of War movie was announced? There was a huge campaign from fans to get WWE Star, turned actor, Dave Bautista cast in the starring role. After a lot of mentioning, with even Bautista himself saying he’s tried everything, it seems like that might have almost paid off? While Bautista might not be gracing the big screen with a Lancer, as far as we know, he will be gracing the small screens!

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IGN had a little chat with The Coalition, Gears 5 developers, the other day about all the different things that are coming to the next-generation version of Gears 5. We’ll get to the rest later, but the most surprising announcement was that you can swap Dave Bautista for Marcus Fenix in the campaign. This also comes with a whole new set of voice lines, meaning it’ll sound like the WWE Star too!

This isn’t a Spider-Man Remastered scenario though, as it’ll be optional. It’s sort of similar to how they added a Bautista multiplayer skin last year, that was added as an alternative skin to Marcus. Who knew that would be a hint to something so much greater? Below, Principal Lead Producer Zoe Curnoe had this to say…

“He had his fan campaign on Twitter, vying to be the star in the much talked about movie ideas and things like that, but this is a great way of delivering that to fans… And of course he was super excited to participate when they did the skin for multiplayer. I think doing this in the campaign was just a natural evolution to say, okay, well the fans and him have said they want Batista as Marcus, so let’s actually make it happen.”

Zoe Curnoe, Principal Lead Producer at Gears 5

Gears 5 Bautista Mode Coming With Added Improvements

In addition to Bautista Mode, Gears 5 is coming to the next-generation with 120 FPS multiplayer, 60 FPS cut-scenes, new game + mode and faster loading times. There’s also a hint at new Gears 5 content is coming November 10. This could mean new maps, new multiplayer characters, or new game modes!

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