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Genshin Impact 1.4: Dataminers Reveal New Characters

Genshin Impact 1.4 is around the comer, only a few days away now and more and more leaks are shining through, though the coolest one being the 8 possible new characters! Information that was data-mined found from a Reddit Post hint that a lot of these characters are from Inazuma.

Genshin Impact 1.4 – Possible Characters

  • As we know the first character is Hu Toa Zhongli’s boss at the funeral parlour, her banner is coming in just a few short days, who is a Pyro Pole Arm user from Liyue.
  • The second character is Mimi is a Hydro Catalyst from Inazuma.
  • The Third is Yunjin is a Geo Polearm from Liyue similarly to Zhongli.
  • The fourth is Yaoyao and she is the first Dendro character we know for a fact is playable, she’s a Catalyst from Liyue (This is super exciting because this was the only element in the game that didn’t have a character to play as.)
  • The fifth and sixth are Sayu is an Anemo Claymore, Tohama is another Pyro Polearm, both are believed from Inazuma as well.
  • The other character we currently know is the 7th character who is Rosaria a Cyro Polearm user from Mondstadt
  • The last one is Shenli, a Cyro Claymore from Liyue.

Also thanks to some comments on the post we also have some names for the other characters and what potential weapons they can use.

It is unknown when the other characters will be playable and or implemented into the game though we can hope they appear throughout the month of March. We also suspect that Yaoyao will be given free like Lisa, Kayea, and Amber.

Its a bit strange to see the weapon types, that being mostly polearm and claymore, especially seeing that the last 3 characters were also polearm users, we hope to see some changes to weapons soon!

Who are you excited to pull on? Let us know!

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