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Genshin Impact AR 50+ Daily to do List: Effectively using Time

A lot of players in Genshin Impact AR 50+ struggle with what to do in-game, due to restrictions to Resin and currency items. Though some players don’t know how to utilize a lot of the time they spend on Genshin effectively.

Genshin Impact AR 50+ is a big achievement for a lot of players, it guarantees legendary (5-star artefacts) and has the best drop rates for in-game items. Though people often forget about a lot of resources they have available to them.

First, off making sure you are completing your daily commissions to gain gold and EXP is a mandatory start to your Genshin Grind, it’s good to get all the tedious things out of the way so you can get through to the more interesting parts of the grind.

Genshin Impact AR 50+
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Second, constantly farming Mondstadt and Liyue specialities on respawn will make sure that you will have ascension materials for new or returning character banners. Most respawn in 2-4 days so consistently pick them up as you explore will keep you topped up on materials.

Third, using your resin, depending on what you find yourself needing making sure you drain all of your resin early on when getting on will allow you to start dwindling the timer and by the time you are about to get off you may have one to two extra runs for domains or leylines.

Forth, utilize your journals! Some people finished the task in the journal and then never opened it again. Though going through and using it to find the bosses around the map that don’t need resin will allow for players to stock up on weapon and character ascensions.

That journal becomes a lifeline for players who need Insingas, horns and many other harder to track materials.

Fifth, constantly be pushing your Spiral Abyss level, doing this will allow you to find areas where your team struggles and where you need to improve, but the more you progress the better rewards you get from completing the floors, including Primo Gems, better artefacts, upgrade materials and more.

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