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Genshin Impact Childe: Guide to Gearing, Playstyle & Team Comp

Genshin Impact Childe is released during the Liyue content when he comes to your aid to help you escape from the guards when you get framed for the murder of Rexs Lapuis. Long story short he helps you unravel the mystery along with some unfavourable plot twists.

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Though his boyish charm shines through with everything he does, he is still a formidable foe and they even added him into the game as a weekly boss you can get amazing rewards for. The water user is able to switch between melee and range, the only current character able to do so.

Genshin Impact Childe 1
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His best weapon is the Rust Bow from the gacha banner. It makes it so that your normal basic attacks do 40% more damage, but your charged attacks have reduced damage, which for Childe isn’t that bad. The cool thing is this bow also works for in your melee form, caring over all the damage.

Though if you need an alternative Stringless bow is probably the second best, for the added elemental burst damage It would really bolster his one shot burst, this bow is also obtained from the gacha banner, though both bows often appear in rotation and have a fairly high drop rates.

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Genshin Impact Childe Artifacts

The best set of artifacts for Childe is a 4x Heart of Depth, which only comes once you finish up a questline and unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr domain. Though tedious to unlock the hydro damage buff is great for him.

Focusing mainly on raw crit for sub stats is a must to min-max your damage. Trying to get other lucky attack modifiers and then the dreaded % hydro damage goblet would round out a great set for child.

Genshin Impact Childe 2
Credit: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Childe Playstyle

Genshin Impact Childe is an all-around great character, both ranged and melee helps to switch out other support characters and not risk putting them in danger due to the range difference for them.

Playing with a hydro character is always fun due to the cool melt feature you can utilize if you have a fire character on your team to deal double damage, which would just further increase the overarching damage and burst potential of Childe.

Possible Team Comp

Childe would work best with characters to buff his damage, so those like Bennett, which not only adds an insane amount of damage using his abilities, but also applies the Melt debuff; a double damage taken status effect.

Being a Hydro character also makes for really amazing compositions with Cryo characters, so having a Ganyu as a support for Childe is extremely overkill, but the permanent crowd control from her will allow Child to free hit consistently pumping out massive damage also negating any damage mitigation they might have.

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