Genshin Impact Earnings Hit $100M In Two Weeks

After hitting $100M in the first fortnight, these Genshin Impact earnings make it the most successful new IP from a Chinese Developer ever.

Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad discussed Genshin Impact‘s impressive achievement, including pre-registration figures and which markets the title is thriving in.

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According to Ahmad, Genshin Impact had around twenty million pre-registrations prior to launch and an estimated $50M in revenue across all platforms in its’ first week. The fact that it has now hit over $100M in just under two weeks would suggest that the popularity of the title is just beginning.

‘ China, Japan, Korea and the US are top markets for the F2P game. Without a doubt the most successful launch for an original IP from a Chinese dev.’

Genshin Impact Earnings Down To It Being A Gacha Game

Genshin Impact, despite it’s similarities to Breath of the Wild visually, is very-much a free-to-play “Gacha” game. This phrase refers to titles that implement systems similar to the Gacha Mechanic of physical arcade games (these are capsule-toy vending machines!)

Genshin Impact Earnings
Credit: miHoYo

It’s similar to loot box mechanics, but perhaps a little bit worse? Either way, it seems that Genshin Impact‘s Gacha Mechanics aren’t bothering players as they have been willing to spend their money. In the game, players spend real money on Wishes. These Wishes can be used to unlock random items, and elusive five-star characters.

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You can earn Wishes in-game at certain quest-points; alternatively, there is a lot of grinding ahead of you. However, the option to purchase with Wishes is there. Like any F2P mobile game, premium currency dominates success.

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