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Genshin Impact Eula Datamined from the 1.5 Beta Test

This week starts off the closed beta 1.5 test that a lot of Genshin Impact Players were dying to get their hands on, so far we already received news of two new characters the first being Eula. Down below is their abilities.

CREDIT: ExGaming

Genshin Impact Eula

So far what we know is Eula is a Cryo Claymore user that works alongside the Favonious Knights, as a captain. The leaks also talk about her being the Captain of the Reconnaissance Company, they also are leading to her being an extremely valued Noble and her reasoning for joining the Knights will still remain a mystery.

Her abilities show she is extremely flexible and nimble and can swing her sword around with ease, during her animation combination we can see her flipping over her sword, it a telltale sign of her strength and a good reason as to why she fits in as a Captain.

Possible Release Date for Eula

It’s pretty common for MiHoYo to work on 6-week intervals when it comes to releasing content for their game Genshin Impact, they also tend to drop their updates on Wednesday.

So given that nothing will cause any interruptions or hinder the development of the game, we could expect her to come in the last week of April.

Genshin Impact Eula
Credit: Genshin Impact

More info On Genshin Impact Eula

Leaks lead to her being the newest 5-star unit. As seen in the video her attire reminds players a lot of the Calvary Captain Kaeya, wearing a similar blue, black and white colour scheme, it seems that Eula’s is vastly simplified from our original Cryo Knight.

Do you plan on pulling for the Cryo Greatsword user? Where does she fit in along with your teams?

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