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Genshin Impact: Jueyun Chili Guide – Where To Find & What It’s Used For

In Genshin Impact, a Jueyun Chili is Cooking Ingredient that’s used in a number of Food Recipes in-game. Reportedly, it’s exclusive to the Liyue Region. Here’s everything you need to know about Jueyun Chilis.

The Jueyun Chili is one of the several Liyue Region exclusive Cooking Ingredients in Genshin Impact. It’s described as a spicy plant native to the area, and “merely smelling it makes one hot and thirsty”. It must be really spicy then!

Below, we’ve put together every Food Recipe Jueyun Chilis are used in where you can find them in the wild. They are also used in the Character Ascension process for Xiangling.

Where To Find Jueyun Chili In Genshin Impact?

As previously mentioned, the Jueyun Chili is a Cooking Ingredient native to the Liyue Region. Below are the two areas where you can find this.

Firstly, the Jueyun Chili can be found in the areas aroung Qingce Village and East of the Stone Gate.

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili
Jueyun Chili Locations / Credit: miHoYo

Secondly, there are clusters of the Jueyun Chili around Mt. Aozang, Qingyun Peak, and the aptly-named Jueyun Karst.

Genshin Impact Jueyun Chili
Jueyun Chili Locations / Credit: miHoYo

What It’s Used For?

Below, we’ve compiled all the Food Recipes this Cooking Ingredient is used in for your convenience.

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Black-Back Perch Stew – Restores & Generates HP Every 5s For 30s.

This Food Recipe can be obtained from Chef Mao in Wanmin Resturant for 5,000 Mora after reaching Adventure Rank 30.

Fish ( x3), Salt ( x1), Violetgrass ( x1), Jueyun Chili (x1);

A poached fish dish. The fresh and tasty fish fillets are tender and juicy. The secret to this recipe is adding powdered Violetgrass into the heated oil to give the dish that aromatic scent. It’s spicy, but not too spicy.

Black-Back Perch Stew Description

Jade Parcels – Increases Party ATK and CRIT Rate for 300s.

This Food Recipe is obtainable during the Cooking Showdown quest.

Lotus Head ( x3), Cabbage ( x2), Ham ( x1), Jueyun Chili ( x2);

An exquisite-looking dish. The ham’s sweetness is locked inside the fresh vegetables, drizzled with a spicy broth. Delicious is an understatement.

Jade Parcels Description

Jueyun Chili Chicken – Increases Party CRIT Rate for 300s.

The Recipe for Jueyun Chili Chicken is obtainable from Wanmin Resturant for 2,500 Mora after reaching Adventure Rank 20.

Fowl ( x2), Pepper ( x1), Jueyun Chili ( x1);

Cold chicken mixed in dressings. The finesse technique used in mixing the dish retained the freshness of the delightful juice contained within the chicken. The glowing gold chicken skin hides a mildly hot flavour underneath.

Jueyun Chili Chicken Description

Qingce Stir Fry – Increases Party ATK for 300s.

This Food Recipe is obtainable from Ms. Bai in Qingce Village for 5,000 Mora.

Mushroom ( x3), Lotus Head ( x2), Cabbage ( x1), Jueyun Chili ( x1);

A dish cooked over a roaring fire. They say it was originally just a rustic dish that everyone in Qingce Village knew how to make. But quite unexpectedly, its crispy and spicy dishes gained the recognition of people from elsewhere, and thus began to spread throughout the Liyue region.

Qingce Stir Fry Description

Wanmin Resturant’s Boiled Fish – Restores & Regenerates HP every 5s for 30s.

This Special Food Item can be cooked by chance while cooking the Black-Back Perch Stew with Xiangling. See above for instructions on how to obtain the base recipe.

Fish ( x3), Salt ( x1), Violetgrass ( x1), Jueyun Chili ( x1);

Xiangling’s specialty. This is the signature dish of the Wanmin Restaurant, combining Xiangling’s heartfelt passion for cuisine. Anyone who tastes it will gain a pure appreciation for gourmet food amid the hearty and addictive blend of flavours.

Wanmin Resturant’s Boiled Fish Description

Stir-Fried Filet – Revives A Character & Restores HP.

This Food Item Recipe can be obtained from the chest at the top of Mt. Tianheng.

Raw Meat ( x1), Jueyun Chili ( x1);

Sliced meat flash-fried in a wok. The mild Jueyun Chili adds just the right amount of kick to the delicious aroma of the meat. Perfect as an appetizer and also goes well with rice.

Stir-Fried Filet Description

Flash-Fried Filet – Revives A Character & Restores 10% + 150 HP.

This is the Special Food Item variant of the Stir-Fried Filet. It’s obtainable by chance when cooking the previously-mentioned dish with Beidou.

Raw Meat ( x1), Jueyun Chili ( x1);

Beidou’s specialty. They say that Beidou once learned some tricks from Xiangling, making some refinements and adding more flavour to this dish. If you can clean it out in one go, perhaps you might impress her.

Flash-Friend Filet Description

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