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Genshin Impact: Luxurious Chest Guide – Locations & Loot

In Genshin Impact, a Luxurious Chest is the highest rarity chest hidden across the world. These can be found in a number of hidden spots across the world and as rewards hidden within shrines.

There are four types of chest in Genshin Impact: Common, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious. Each rarity of chest has a slightly different appearance and they offer slighting different rewards. A Luxurious Chest is highest rarity chest in the world of Genshin Impact, other than the one-of-a-kind Unique Chest in the Northland Bank.

Inside a Luxurious Chest, you can expect to find the following…

Primogems ( 10 ~ 40), Adventure Rank EXP ( 30 ~60), Random Sigils ( 4 ~ 10);

In addition to these, each Luxurious Chest will include a random amount of Mora and an assortment of Weapons, Artifacts, and Character EXP Material.

Where can you find a Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact?

There are several Luxurious Chest locations throughout Mondstadt. Most notably, there are two located within Mondstadt itself and one in Stormterror’s Lair. There is also one out in the ocean to the east, allegedly.

Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest
Luxurious Chest Locations / Credit: miHoYo

The second batch of Luxurious Chest locations are scattered throughout the Liyue region. There is one located at the Qingyung Peak, several in the Tianqiu Valley, and one in the Guili Plains.

Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest
Luxurious Chest Locations / Credit: miHoYo

Further south, there are two located in and around Liyue Harbour and another allegedly located in the middle of the ocean to the east.

Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest
Luxurious Chest Locations / Credit: miHoYo

In these locations, a Luxurious Chest can also be spawned for the following reasons…

They can be spawned as a reward for solving certain puzzles, with an increased reward. They can also be spawned as a reward for completing certain World Quests.

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Sometimes, a Luxurious Chest can be found within a Shrine of Depths with increased rewards available.

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