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Genshin Impact Map Leak: All Locations Revealed

Genshin Impact has been reigning at the top of the industry for games, following its release late into 2020. A concurrent player base, of millions of players daily and consistent game patch updates, are driving MiHoYo, with that, there are new Genshin Impact Map Leak that surfaced a few days ago.

Following their rigorous update schedule of a massive content update every six weeks can be hard to hit the deadlines, and trying to keep as much information hidden can leave the players unsure of if they are meeting their deadlines.

Though this new image can help players map out just how much work is actually going on behind the scenes at the MiHoYo Office.

Genshin Impact Map Leak

Genshin Impact Map Leak
CREDIT: Ryrizhrn Rinzward

The entire world mapped out in front of players. It also keen to point out the two areas we have Liyue and Mondsadt take up around 10-15 GB of download space, just imagine how vast and detail-oriented the rest of the map is going to be.

The next area we are supposed to be getting is Inazuma, the Elector area that is rumoured to be released in 1.5. That also can bring a new Vision for our Travelers. It’s almost fair to assume we will be gaining a new vision with every area unlocked as what has been set as a president.

Going based on the map it seems like Natlan (the Pyro distract) and Snezhnaya (the Cryo Distract) will be some of the last content and explorable areas we will be able to reach.

Possible Release Date!

If we can estimate the game was released in September, and the first area content update was in January (Liyue Update) 4 months apart – the next area content would be coming at the end of April, maybe early May.

All just stipulations and nothing has been confirmed by MiHoYo.

What area are you waiting on? What type of character are you hoping to see from the new areas?

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