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Genshin Impact Rosaria: Guide To Gearing & Playstyle

Genshin Impact Rosaria will be coming in patch 1.4 during mid-March, she was recently teased during the special program and we learned quite a bit about her during this special broadcast. She is a Cyro Polearm user from Mondstadt.

We also learn a bit about her from her supporting role to the traveller in the Dragonspine questline that introduced the icy area and Albedo, like how she is a Sister in the Mondstadt Church.

Genshin Impact Rosaria: Materials to Farm Ascension

The main boss you will have to farm is the Cryo Regisvine, the Cyro flower located on the northern side of the map. You will need a total of 46 of the Hoarfrost Core and a tone of the turquoise Ascension materials.

Next, you will need to farm Valberries, which for those who used them as a way to collect 100 of Mondstadt speciality items should have an enormous stockpile of them. Although if you are last-minute farming them you will need to find 168 of them.

The last Ascension material you will need to farm is the three different types of insignias in the game. Players will need 18 RECRUIT’S INSIGNIA, 30 SERGEANT’S INSIGNIA, and 36 LIEUTENANT’S INSIGNIA, that being said finding and killing all Fatui bosses found using the journal are a necessity to farming enough of them

Genshin Impact Rosaria: Materials to Farm Talent

Genshin Impact Rosaria

The main boss to farm for her talent materials is Childe/Tartaglia, you will need 18 shadows of the warrior starting at level 6 and progressing to level 10. You will need to farm this for quite a while due to Childe and the Golden House Trounce Domain is a weekly reset boss.

The Ballad Talent books are farmed from the weekly FORSAKEN RIFT Domain that appears every Wednesday or Saturday or Sunday to farm for these books specifically. Rosaria needs 9 Teachings of Ballad, 63 Guides to Ballad, and 114 Phlosophie of Ballad.

Just like her Ascension materials, she will also need the insignias for talent levels. She will need 18 RECRUIT’S INSIGNIA, 66 SERGEANT’S INSIGNIA, and 93 LIEUTENANT’S INSIGNIA for her talents alone.

Lastly just like any max-level talent material you will also need to use the Crown of Sagehood, which can only be farmed from doing limited time events.

Playstyle And Team Comp

She plays similarly to Xiao being an extremely mobile Polearm user. She dashes behind the enemy slashing them in the back doing massive amounts of Cyro bust damage.

She is very assassin like with how she moves and carries herself, notoriously for moving through the night when she isn’t at the Church, she even gives a passive movement speed buff to those in the party at night.

As the main DPS, she would work best with having someone buff her damage, and heal her. Having Benette would be amazing for the melt damage buff and being able to keep her topped up on hp. Having a water user like Xingqiu for freezing enemies and the added damage to her abilities would massively increase her damage.

Having an electro character also isn’t bad for the overcharge damage buff you would get while combining elemental skills.

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