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Genshin Impact Secret Stores & Artifact Routes

There are a lot of Genshin Impact secret stores that you may have missed running around in the land of Teyvat, so here are the locations of some possible stores you probably overlooked, and some general tips to farming in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Secret Stores

Here is one of the jewelers of Mondstadt, where you can buy 4 artifacts every few days.

Genshin Impact Secrete Stores

This is where you can find Chloris, she is where you can buy some Mondstadt’s flower, such as Mint, Wolfhook, and Philameno Mushrooms. She restocks every 3 days.

Genshin Impact Secrete Stores

This is where you can find Ms Bai, she is another flower shop for Qingce and Liyue, her prices are a bit outrageous and so if you just wounder around that area you should be able to find a lot of the lily flowers she is selling.

Though if you find yourself in a jam and are in need of some, shelling out the extra Mora could be worth it.

Genshin Impact: Artifacts That Respawn Daily

By the time you get your two sets of teams together for the spiral abyss you come to realize just how many artifacts you need to actually consistently clear floors.

Having to farm 5-star artifacts is stressful and hard enough trying to get average or above-average drops, so here are some daily artifact passes that you can do to stock up on so that you can keep upgrading your artifacts to level 20.

The first place we are going to go is down is west of Wangshu’s Inn on the beach, you are going to take the teleport to the northernmost of the sand and run down the coast, looting all the crates, and urns around and you should find anywhere from 10-20 pieces.

Next is taking the Domain teleport in Jeyun Karst and looping south following the roads will keep you on a very quick path to looting destroyed crates, tents, wine jars, and more, which will get you around 9-18 pieces.

The last one I wanna talk about is running North from the Inn through the Dihua Marsh. Running through the docks looting tents, shovels, and the wooden chest will get you between 6-12 artifacts.

On top of that, you can also buy up to 12 from the vendors in both Liyue and Mondstadt which refresh every three days. These few passes can keep you stocked up on artifacts so you can keep grinding through without resin.

Let us know if you want more Genshin Impact Secrete Stores and artifact tips!

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