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Genshin Impact Starsilver Farming Location

Genshin Impact Starsliver Farming is one of the easiest materials to farm for, in one of the worst areas to explore: follow the map provided to gain large amounts of this ore!

Genshin Impact has a ton of changes to locations to their game, whether it’s unlocking new areas or adding cool new smaller spots to enjoy. Though when adding new areas, the game tends to add in a ton of really amazing new materials to farm. The same was done with the Dragonspine area.

This area added a new Rock to mine known as Starsilver, which is required throughout many missions in Dragonspine.

What is Starsilver?

This Silvery gray rock is found all along the walls of the mountain range that makes up Dragon Spine. These rocks can also be used when talking to a black smith to make the teir 3 weapon leveling material.

Currently there isn’t much to do with this material, as the only real reason to farm these rocks is for either doing the Questline for “Festering Fang,” or trying to melt down the rock for more weapon XP.

The questline requires you to farm:

  • Find 3x Strange Tooth.
  • Gather 50x Starsilver ore.
  • Obtain 1x Northlander Polearm Prototype.

For the end of quest to gain the spear.

Here is the location of most if not all Starsilver located in the Dragonspine area.

 Starsilver Farming Locations
Credit: Genshin Impact Interactive map

Where to farm starsilver in Genshin Impact?

Be warned while farming in this area it, is extremely dangerous, you are constantly being effected by the cold debuff the game has, and if you are not careful, you can find yourself dying over and over again due to the percent life drain it applies.

Working your way though the mountain is a pain, and most players hated doing this region, so staying on top of the 48 hour respawn timer is key for stocking up on this precious weapon material.

Its time to farm! Let us know what you think of the Dragonspine area!