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Genshin Impact: Tofu Guide – How To Get & What It’s Used For

In Genshin Impact, Tofu is a Cooking Ingredient that can be used in several recipes to create Food items. Below is a helpful Tofu Guide which should explain all you need to know about this item in Genshin Impact.

Tofu in Genshin Impact, much like the real world, is a Cooking Ingredient that can be used to create Food Items. It’s described as a freshly-made bean product that has a silky-smooth tender texture. Yum!

Currently, Tofu is only used in three Food Recipes; Jewelry Soup, Come and Get It, and No Tomorrow.

Where to get Tofu in Genshin Impact?

There are two places the player can purchase Tofu in Genshin Impact. One in Liyue Harbour, and one in the Qingce Village.

Second Life is a Cooking Ingredients shop that can be found in the South-West corner of Liyue Harbour. There, Dongsheng seels a number of food items that restock daily.

Genshin Impact Tofu
Rough Location of Second Life in Liyue Harbour / Credit: miHoYo

Tofu will cost 100 Mora, or 90 Mora at a discounted rate. Second Life has a stock limit of 100 items a day.

Secondly, Tofu can be bought from Ms. Bai in Qingce Village. She’s a Miller and sells a variety of food items, including Tofu. Tofu costs 120 Mora from Ms. Bai with a stock limit of 10. Her store also restocks every three days.

Players can get 8 free Tofu in a one-time offer from Ms. Bai after following a certain dialogue path.

What is Tofu used for?

Currently, Tofu is only used in three Cooking Recipes in Genshin Impact. Below are the three recipes, so you know what else you’ll need!

Jewelry Soup – Increases Party Defence for 300s

This Cooking Recipe is obtainable from Mt. Aozang during the Custodian of Clouds Questline.

Snapdragon ( x2), Tofu ( x2), Lotus Head (x1);

A simple vegetable soup. Snapdragon, tofu, and lotus seeds are put into boiling water and simmered. Jewelry Soup earned its luxurious name from the look of the ingredients used, but contrary to its name, the soup is commonly prepared and served in ordinary households.

Jewelry Soup Description

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Come and Get It – Increases Party CRIT Rate for 300s

This Cooking Recipe can be obtained through Chef Mao in Wanmin Restaurant near Liyue Harbour after reaching Adventure Rank 40. It’ll cost 5,000 Mora.

Raw Meat ( x3), Fish ( x3), Rice (x3), Tofu ( x1);

A dish made out of a luxurious variety of ingredients. There is no great refinement in the making of this food, and it appears in Liyue often during festival season. Whenever this dish is served up, the person at the head of the table will invite everyone to dig in, saying “Come on, eat, eat,” hence the name.

Come and Get It Description

No Tomorrow – Increases Party CRIT Rate and CRIT Damage for 300s

This Cooking Recipe has a chance to be activated while cooking Come and Get It with Qiqi. The base recipe, therefore, needs to be obtained in a similar fashion to Come and Get It.

Genshin Impact Tofu
Qiqi Character Artwork / Credit: miHoYo

Raw Meat ( x3), Fish ( x3), Rice (x3), Tofu ( x1);

Qiqi’s specialty. The neat rows of ingredients seem at once exotic and delicious, and Baizhu says that Qiqi has spent a long time creating this dish. Still, once one considers that Qiqi has no sense of taste, just putting chopsticks to the food is going to take some courage.

No Tomorrow Description

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