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Genshin Impact Venti: Guide to Gearing, Playstyle, & Team Comp

Genshin Impact Venti is introduced within the first five minutes of the game, we meet the small boyish character confronting a dragon, that players end up scaring off. We later find out he (Venti) is a god amongst men trying to save a protector of Mondstadt.

The bard is constantly ranked high for utility, support and as a damaged character, who can blame you when you do massive amounts of damage, gather mobs, and keep allies safe. A great Venti character that can make domain trips a walk in the park.

 Genshin Impact Venti
Credit: Genshin Impact


The best way to build this character is to take advantage of the elemental burst you can do with his ultimate and raw power, so the Stringless bow is perfect to give you that added elemental damage. There are a few other bows that could be decent on Venti, but they all seem to pale in comparison to Stringless.

Venti can benefit from all playstyles with this bow, whether you are playing support, carry or just filling in gaps.

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Genshin Impact Venti Artifacts

Artifacts for Venti are relatively straight forward, if you want to play a more utility build you are going to want to focus on a 4x Viridescent Venerer set, that will give you massive Ameno and bonus damage, and lowering the resistance of the enemies you are facing.

 Genshin Impact Venti 2
Credit: Genshin Impact

Though if you are going to be playing the main carry and damage set up, you are going to want to pick up a 4x Wanderer’s Troupe set to increase your overall Aim Shot damage, getting a C1 Venti can also increase your damage massively with the extra projectiles you can shoot.

Genshin Impact Venti Playstyle

Venti allows for support mains to shine, with the ability to save allies with your wind gust, gather up massive groups with your ultimate while still doing massive amounts of damage. He can be the back bone for most teams, and people love seeing a Venti in party with them.

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This support style play is great for characters who want to buff and do damage. He is perfect for filling in gaps that your team might have, and can round most teams out.

Possible Team Comps

Venti is an extremely versatile character and groups enemies up together, so many characters that can take advantage of clumped characters would pair exceptionally well with him. Characters that can fully take advantage of Venti’s power are those like Xiao and Ganyu.

Both characters do small radius AOE’s so having all enemies stacked together will make for a satisfying display of large numbers and killed enemies. Pairing Venti up with someone who can free hit like, Fischl can also cause for massive damage do to the Overcharged debuff enemies can get from Ameno and Electro.

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