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Genshin Impact Yanfei Datamined from the 1.5 Beta Test

We already discussed Eula the 5-star Cryo claymore user now let’s shine some light on our much needed 4-star Pyro Catalyst Genshin Impact Yanfei. Down below is a video of her abilities.

Credit: ExGaming

Genshin Impact Yanfei

This is the first character that we have seen in a long time that isn’t a spear/javelin user or a claymore user. Pyro fans are excited to see just how much of a hard hitter she can be with stacking her seals to do massive AOE pyro damage.

All of her abilities seem to do massive Pyro AOE damage, so stacking a crimson set might be a must for this Pyro user.

Currently, we actually don’t have any lore for her, though she is rumoured to be from Liyue, due to current knowledge of her upgrade/ ascension material is the Juvenile Jade. She also shares a similar colour pallet to other characters from Liyue.

Her animations lend themselves to what looks to be a volleyball spike for her basic autos, and a lot of the community seem to think she will be the Liyue version of Klee.

Genshin Impact Yanfei
CREDIT: Genshin Impact

Possible Release Date for Yanfei

It’s pretty common for MiHoYo to work on 6-week intervals when it comes to releasing content for their game Genshin Impact, they also tend to drop their updates on Wednesday.

So given that nothing will cause any interruptions or hinder the development of the game we could expect her to come in the last week of April alongside Eula.

Do you plan on pulling for the Pyro Catalyst user? Where does she fit in along with your teams?

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