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Genshin Impact’s KFC Event Cancelled?

Many international fans have been cheering on the sidelines for the Chinese game to host the Genshin Impact’s KFC event, for those of you who may not have heard of it, Genshin Impact has partnered with KFC for an event that features skins of characters dressed similarly in KFC colours whilst sporting the chicken.

Though many partnered chain restaurants were sporting the Genshin Impact design and character art it was forced to be shut down due to COVID 19 related issues.

The issue arises when hundreds and thousands of fans flocked to these stores to support their beloved game.

A lot of these restaurants were forced to close early due to regulations and guidelines set forth by the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Genshin Impact's KFC
Genshin Impact

It’s truly a tragedy, I like many others were waiting on the sidelines for a chance to have this event travel to the west, but seeing how issues are already sparking its a lot less likely that we will be getting our chances at this event.

The two skins that were primely shown during the Genshin Impact’s KFC event were Noelle and Diluc, though as seen throughout the video, other characters like Childe and Paimon were also put on full display.

Those who did get the chance to experience the event were given a QR code for the in-game major reward, a red and white themed glider (one of the best designed so far.) though it is only for the Chinese version of the game, which isn’t available in the US or other regions.

Fingers crossed for the Genshin Impact’s KFC event rewards to travel west, with the US being within the top 3 sellers of the game, being able to adorn our characters with the red wings would be a truly great reward.

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