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Genshin Impact’s Spotlight Banner: Keqing

Genshin Impact’s New Spotlight Banner: Keqing! With the ending of Xiao’s banner, MiHoYo is rereleasing Keqing in her very own banner. She is an extremely mobile Electro sword user, who won the hearts of many players when the big fight at the Jade palace happened.

Her strong determination to defend on the front line along with the Traveler has made many players swoon and want to have her as their very own party member.

Genshin Impact's Spotlight  Banner
Credit: Genshin Impact

That being said she is also being released with Bennett, Barbara and Ningguang.

Seeing how MiHoYo also made changes to Barbara, switching her VA [Voice Actor] it makes sense that they put her on one of the most desired characters banner to give her more popularity and or more shine in the spotlight.

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Genshin Impact’s New Spotlight Banner: Weapon Banner

The weapon banner stays the same for the next week, we will have the Jade spear and Jade sword, which should make Keqing mains, or those who wanted to pull for her will have a really simple banner pull.

The sword itself also is extreamly easy to farm for and will leave you having a great weapon to equip while you wait for her main sword to come back into rotations.

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Secondary Banner

Genshin Impact's Spotlight  Banner
Credit: Genshin Impact

The last banner to discuss is the secondary character banner, which has Qiqi, Mona, Keqing, and the Skyward Spine weapon set. They really want to give players every opportunity to pull a great team for Keqing.

The weapon set is also extremely versatile for a lot of the characters that are on this banner and the previous banner.

Genshin Impact’s New Spotlight Banner has been one of the most fan requested one of the year, and players cant wait to see what else they come up with.

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