GhostWire: Tokyo Release Date Leaked During Sony CES 2021

GhostWire: Tokyo has had it’s release date leaked via an end-of-presentation screen at Sony’s CES 2021. Supposedly, it’s coming October 2021. Here’s all we know…

GhostWire: Tokyo is a game worth keeping an eye out for. It’s been described as “Karate meets magic” by Combat Director Shinichiro Hara and it sounds like it would be fantastic. Who doesn’t want to hunt paranormal spirits and ghosts across an abandoned Tokyo?

Well, hopefully you might not have to wait that much longer. During Sony’s CES 2021 presentation, an end-title screen was revealed which has small-print information some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted contains some exciting information.

GhostWire Tokyo Release Date
Credit: Sony

There is no official confirmation regarding this release date and it is worth noting that this may not apply to the PC version of the title. Sony has been known to make the odd mistake. However, it is a good sign that GhostWire: Tokyo is on the way… Whether this is a ball-park figure or not.

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What is interesting is that GhostWire: Tokyo is slated to be a timed Playstation exclusive; however, since this announcement Microsoft have bought the publishers Bethesda. Do you think this will change things? The image below seems to suggest otherwise and no reports have been made to suggest that the title is coming to the Xbox Series X|S. Yet.

GhostWire: Tokyo was first announced at E3 2019 by the ever-popular Ikumi Nakamura. Although she has left the project since, it remains a hotly-anticipated title with many fans hungry for any information they can get.

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Do you think this GhostWire: Tokyo release date is an accurate prediction? Are you looking forward to it?

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