God Of War 2: Ragnarok, Release Date, Official Announcements, Rumours, Leaks & More

Like any upcoming release, we’re hungry for more information. In the article below, we’ll collate everything we know about God of War 2, both rumoured and leaked, and confirmed. Here’s all we know…

After introducing the world to Dad!Kratos, fans of the PlayStation character couldn’t get enough. Christopher Judge brought a new, albeit slightly different, energy to the character through his performance. He brought an unthinkable depth to the muscle-bound killing machine and made him so much more than the God of War.

Now, looking to the future, God of War fans want to know what happened after the events of the 2018 title. We know that ‘ Ragnarok is Coming ‘, but what else is there to know about the God of War sequel?

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Below, we’ll collate everything we know about God of War 2 so far for you to look over. Rumours and Leaks will be tagged accordingly with a source if possible.

God of War 2 Information

Recent Updates ;-

RUMOUR – Former Santa Monica employee, David Jaffe, has suggested that God of War: Ragnarok will be a cross-generation title. During a stream of God of War, he responded to a fan question with the following: “ I’m sure the next God of War will be PS4, PS5. Of course it will.” ( 07/01/21)

God of War 2 Release Date

There is currently no known official release date for the God of War sequel. ( 05/01/21 )

The Official Announcement Teaser has suggested it will be coming late 2021, though. Although, this could be pushed back. ( 05/01/21 )

God of War 2 Base Information

God of War 2 has been officially announced as God of War: Ragnarok. This seemingly confirms that the events of the game will follow on from God of War (2018) and have some reference/ link to the cataclysmic event of the same name in Norse Mythology. ( 05/01/21)

RUMOUR – Below, you can find an analysis of the God of War: Ragnarok logo runes which may hint at the game’s content. ( 05/01/21)

God of War 2
Credit: u/Bruce_0539

Narrative Information

There is no official narrative information regarding God of War 2, other than the subtitle of Ragnarok and the suggestions it makes. ( 05/01/21 )

RUMOUR – Cory Barlog, when the game was announced at a PS5 Showcase, changed his Twitter Avatar to an image of ice. This might suggest that the location of the title will be further north, colder… Maybe Jotunheim. ( 05/01/21 )

Alpha and Beta Information

There is currently no information regarding any Alpha or Beta for the next God of War. ( 05/01/21 )

This is everything we know about God of War 2. Be sure to bookmark the post, as we’ll be updating it as-and-when more information is available.

Are you excited to carry on with the Midgard adventure started by Santa Monica Studios’ God of War?

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