God Of War: How to get Anchor of Fog?

In God of War, the Anchor of Fog is a rare pick-up that you’ll need if you want to complete the Realm Tear challenges in Niflheim. Below is a quick guide on how to do that! Header image Credit: Video Game Sophistry

In order to get an Anchor of Fog, you’ll need to travel to the back corners of the Niflheim maze. In these two areas, the Anchor of Fog will spawn semi-randomly in a Legendary Chest. So, annoyingly, you may need to go in a few times to find what you’re looking for.

To get to these back areas, you’ll need to make sure you’re equipped to deal with the slow health drain of the Niflheim fog and the oppnents within.

Like any maze, if you either only head as far left as possible, or only head as far right as possible, you’ll eventually reach one of these two back areas.

It is worth noting, though, that one of these contains a Valkyrie so it’s important to avoid these if you’re not prepared for a fight.

God of War Anchor of Fog
Credit: Santa Monica Studios

God of War’s Anchor of Fog Realm Tear Requirements

When you have an Anchor of Fog, or two, you can take it back to the central area upstairs at the start of the maze. In there you’ll find three Realm Tears that need dealing with.

Realm Tear 1 – 10,000 Mist Echoes, 1 Anchor of Fog

In this Realm Tear, you’ll be faced with Ogres. Upon defeat, you will be rewarded the Mistborne Axe Pommel.

Realm Tear 2 – 15,000 Mist Echoes, 1 Anchor of Fog

During this Realm Tear, you’ll be facing Wulvers and a Soul Destroyer. Upon defeat, you’ll be rewarded the Gift of Apollo, Heavy Runic attack for the Blades of Chaos.

Realm Tear 3 – 20,000 Mist Echoes, 1 Anchor of Fog

In this Realm Tear, you’ll be facing Revenants and Nightmares. Beating this will reward you with the Talisman of Cursed Power.

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