God Of War: How to get Chaos Flame?

In God of War, Chaos Flame is an important resource you’ll need if you want to upgrade Kratos’ Blades of Chaos. There are only four of these available in-game, so make sure you know where to look! Header Image Credit: PS5 Trophies.

God of War may have introduced a new weapon, the Leviathan Axe, to Kratos… But it also brings back an old favourite: the Blades of Chaos. Kratos’ iconic chained swords are fantastic for crowd control and dealing a lot of damage fast. Much like the Leviathan Axe, they can be upgraded and Runic Attacks can be swapped out and changed to customise the Blades of Chaos to fit your play style.

There is also a way you can upgrade it. You’ll need Chaos Flame, an extremely rare resource, to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. Below, we’ll list where you can find it!

God of War Chaos Flame Locations

God of War Chaos Flame
This is what a Chaos Flame will look like. / Credit: Santa Monica Studios

Chaos Flame 1 – At The Gates of Hel

The first Chaos Flame can be acquired the first time you visit Hel, God of War‘s realm of the dead. As you progress, you will face a troll in a boss battle. Mattugr Helson, The Bridge Keeper.

Once defeated, you will find a Chaos Flame on his corpse as loot and reward for your efforts.

Chaos Flame 2 – The Giants in Tyr’s Temple

The next Chaos Flame will pop up further into the story, when you’ve reached Tyr’s Temple.

When inside, you’ll need to find the Black Rune. Once you have uncovered this, you’ll be attacked by two giants simultaneously. Grendel of the Frost and Grendel of the Ashes.

Defeat these two and you will find a Chaos Flame on one of their corpses.

Chaos Flame 3 – Returning to Hel

Upon returning to Hel, when the story demands it, you will fight a mysterious Traveller. They are not of this land and appear to wear full plate armour of (possibly) Western European origin.

The fight is unavoidable through the story and when you defeat the Traveller, you will be rewarded your third Chaos Flame.

Chaos Flame 4 – Atop the Muspelheim Arena

This Chaos Flame can only be acquired when you finish the story. This is because it will actually need to be purchased from the Dwarven Shop at the base of Muspelheim’s mountain.

When you reach the top, the final fight of the Arena is against Gondul. Gondul is a Valkyrie and this fight should not be taken lightly.

When you defeat her, you will find the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim. This can then be traded for a Chaos Flame, which can be used to upgrade the Blades of Chaos.

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