Godfall Trailer Sports Gorgeous 4K Gameplay

The recently-released Godfall trailer offers up two minutes of combat, highlighting the colourful visuals and exciting explosions… All in 4K!

The next generation of consoles really is exciting. Although details on the console are still scarce, that hasn’t stopped publishers from starting their advertisement campaigns. The new Godfall trailer has come after Gearbox’s PAX Online panel, the price and pre-order information about the game was one topic of discussion.

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Godfall is being described as a first-of-its-kind game, although I am sceptical of that… It’s a looter-slasher, melee action-RPG with a science-fantasy theme. When you read the description, it does seem like a lot is going on… However, it sounds like it will operate in a similar way to Diablo titles, other than the combat mechanics.

Godfall Trailer
Credit: Gearbox

Godfall all boils down to saving Aperion. You play as the last of the Valorian Knights, a master of combat who is clad in the legendary Valorplates. All seems pretty standard, right?

When you watch the Godfall trailer, it all starts to make sense. A variety of weapons are showcased in the video, including swords, spears, and hammers. There’s also a shield similar to Kratos’ in God Of War which you can throw like Captain America!

Where Godfall looks like it’ll shine though is with it’s fluidity in combat. Throughout, you see the player utilising god-like knee slides in order to dodge attacks. This, combined with the teleportation abilities shown in-trailer, would suggest that speed is of the essence in Godfall.

Godfall Trailer Below Highlights The Game’s Combat

With the promise that Godfall is coming Holiday 2020, it could well be a launch title for the console. It will also be releasing on PC via the Epic Games Store, however, there is no word on an Xbox Series X release.

You can actually pre-order Godfall on PC right now, however there is no word on PS5 pre-orders yet.