Golf With Your Friends Acquired by Team17

Golf With Your Friends

Based on a recent report from, Team17 has gained the rights and assets of Golf With Your Friends for £12 million.

Golf With Your Friends has been around since January 2016 as Early Access on Steam and was fully released in May of 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Golf With Your Friends gameplay
Credit: altchar

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Golf With Your Friends has kept up popularity for quite some time now, despite seeming on the surface to be just another typical golf game. But it is quite the opposite of that. Developed by Australian developer Blacklight Interactive, the game allows you to play mini-golf with up to 12 friends. You play in environments that seem easy at the beginning and like any other mini-golf game, but it quickly ramps up to particularly hard courses with insane tricks you must pull off in order to get a decent score. The game has also included Worms and The Escapists-themed courses.

Team17 has stated that they hope to “create additional opportunities to extend the life cycle of the existing game“, allowing for new DLC and a possible sequel as well.

The CEO of Team17, Debbie Bestwick, had more to say on the acquisition as well:

We are delighted to start 2021 with the announcement that we have acquired GWYF and see great potential in this IP. Over the last two years, GWYF has shown strong consumer demand and mass-market appeal, doubling its owner base and achieving success on multiple gaming platforms. GWYF is the type of IP we believe is right for ownership, it is successful and proven but still at the start of its journey. The team at Blacklight Interactive can be assured that we will take great care of this amazing IP.

Team17 Facebook Banner
Credit: Team17

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While Blacklight Interactive developed the game, Team17 published Golf With Your Friends in 2020 so the acquisition should be a positive one and I am personally looking forward to what comes next with this game.

Team17 has also published and developed other popular games including Overcooked 2, Worms, The Escapists 2, and more. The game is in good hands at Team17, and hopefully, they will add some more interesting (while still being insanely frustrating) DLC levels to the game.

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