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Green Arrow Fortnite Crew Benefits Now Available

The next set of Fortnite Crew benefits are available for January for all members of the new service and they’re in for a treat this month with a Green Arrow skin and some additional items including 1,000 vbucks. Get all the details on this month’s benefits below!

As you can see below, along with the Green Arrow skin announced in late December, players that subscribe to Fortnite Crew also received this back bling and pickaxe.

The entire pack is modeled specifically after DC’s Green Arrow television show from The CW.

Fortnite Crew Green Arrow

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The descriptions of these items also fits the theme of CW’s Oliver Queen as Green Arrow with the quivers description reading:

The back bling is named Tactical Quiver and its description is as follows: “A hero is only as good as his tools.”

While the description for the pickaxe, amply named Boxing Glove Arrow, is quite funny as it reads: “Always knew it would come in handy.”

Fortnite Crew Green Arrow

The pack is the second in the Fortnite Crew subscription bundles, coming after the Galaxia bundle which featured the Fractured World back bling as well as the Cosmic Llamacorn pickaxe.

The Galaxia skin also came with an alternate style, making her look more like an evil rainbow galactic princess but maybe that’s just me.

I was really hoping for an alternate style for this skin as well, but I’m happy to have two great bundles in a row for the Fortnite Crew subscription.

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Being a DC Series skin, this opens up a world of possibilities meaning these Fortnite crew skins will be a combination of original skins as well as collaborations.

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