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Green Hell: How to Remove a Worm

Green Hell is an extremely difficult survival game that takes place in the Amazon rainforest. Don’t let the beautiful graphics distract you from the immense mental pain this game will put you through while trying to survive. Dying to infection is frustrating, that’s why we’re going to guide you through how to remove a worm in Green Hell.

When you sleep too close to the ground worms will latch onto your body. If you don’t treat this properly your sanity will quickly drain and you will eventually die of infection.

How to remove a worm in Green Hell

Removing the worm is actually very easy. However, you will need to have a fishbone and leaf bandage to do so. Depending on your current location on the map, these can be hard to come by. So it’s not a bad idea to keep a few extra in your inventory.

Screenshot of a under the skin worm bite in Green Hell.
Credit: Creepy Jar

Follow the instructions below to remove the worm and apply a leaf bandage to avoid infection.

  • Open the body inspection menu (Press C and select the search icon)
  • Inspect each of the limbs until you find a large red bump
  • Drag a fishbone from your backpack onto the red bump
  • Place a leaf bandage on the wound to avoid infection

If you’re unsure on how to get a fishbone or leaf bandage, continue reading.

How to get a fishbone

To obtain fishbones in Green Hell, kill a fish and harvest it. This will give you some meat and fishbones. Those fishbones can be used to remove worms. You can also use a bone needle, but those are slightly harder to get.

How to get a leaf bandage

Screenshot of Molineria plant in Green Hell, used to remove worms. Has medium-sized green leaves with yellow flowers at its base.
Credit: Creepy Jar

To craft a leaf bandage, you will first have to find and cut down a Molineria plant. The Molineria plant has medium-sized green leaves with yellow flowers at its base. When you cut down the plant, it will give you a few Molineria leaves. You only need 1 leaf to craft a leaf bandage, so right-click the Molineria leaf in your inventory and select craft.