Grounded Halloween Update: Things Are Getting Spooky

The Grounded Halloween update released earlier this week. It may have slipped under the radar in and amongst all the festive news, but there’s plenty of things to get excited for if you want it to get spooky in the garden.

Grounded really is an underdog game. It takes the survival format of Minecraft, Ark: Survival Evolved, and games like Rust, and throws all that genre entails into a strange 90s-like theme. You’re shrunk, much like the Borrowers or Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. If that doesn’t sound scary enough, Obsidian have you covered…

Grounded Halloween Update
Credit: Obsidian

The Grounded Halloween Update is adding new items, decorations, and a whole load of bug fixes.

In The Grounded Halloween Update, The Ants Want Their Damned Eggs Back

Yep. That’s as creepy as it sounds. The change in agency for the NPCs and enemies is just one alteration amongst the massive patch notes. Bombardier Beetles also now attack with more of a slow-burn damage output than an instant damage hit, so that’s fun.

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With the update, there will also be two new landmarks. One of which is a Halloween exclusive, one isn’t. There’s going to be what appears to be a giant Jack-O-Lantern, although it is most-likely normal sized. As you might suspect, this is the Halloween landmark. The other is still kind of creepy, though! It’s called the Frankenline. Essentially, it’s a discarded Etch-A Sketch that you can actually draw on!

In more festive additions, there is going to be a Candy Corn food item added for a while and new Spider Webs that stick to the player! Why not add more obstacles!

Grounded is still very-much in development, but Obsidian has been releasing regular updates and it seems as if they will continue to do so for a while yet!

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