GTA Online Cheat Seller Shuts Down “After Discussions With Take-Two”.

Take two take action against GTA Online Cheats

Luna Cheats, a GTA Online Cheat market has been officially closed following talks with Rockstar games parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Any person attempting to access services on the Luna Cheats website would instead be greeted by two statements. The first statement details their plans to stop developing, maintaining and distributing cheat menu services going forward along with donating the money they had earned so far to a charity of Take-Two’s choosing. In the second statement, they apologize for the problems the software caused to the community.

Credit: Luna Cheats

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The statement issued is reminiscent of one made by another GTA Online Cheat distributor that was known as Elusive. They were caught by Take-Two two years ago and also donated their proceeds earned to charity. However, the website’s owner and an individual known as Jhonny Perez from Florida had to pay $150,000 in damages. Only time will tell if the owners of Luna Cheats are in for a similar treatment.

GTA Online has always had a problem with hackers and modders on PC, but the issue may have been ramped up when the multiplayer game was made free to download from the Epic Games Store in May 2020.

Hackers disrupt public lobbies in a myriad of ways, some more destructive than others, from granting themselves infinite money, to spawning hundreds of vehicles, such as planes, which in turn crash servers, or even making themselves invincible. All these cheats drastically alter the game in a way which usually favours those with the cheats.

This take down will not eliminate cheats in GTA Online completely, but it is a good start. There might always be some opportunistic upstart looking to cause trouble, therefore so long as publishers continue to take a hard stance against such actions, the games overall health will be better for it.

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