Guardian Tweaks Highlight VALORANT Patch 1.03

Patch 1.03 for VALORANT has released and albeit not as large as previous ones, it presents an opportunity for meta change. There is a change to the semi-automatic Guardian rifle, map bug fixes, surrender tweaks, new orbs for Spike Rush and other quality of life fixes.

The Guardian hasn’t had much of a place in the game as of yet. It’s just 2,000 credits cheaper than the more viable Phantom and Vandal, and it doesn’t pack the punch it should. This update took the price from 27,000 to 25,000, reduced the fire rate from 6.5 to 4.75 and increased the penetration power from medium to heavy.

Adding all of these tweaks together creates a weapon that is viable for smaller buy rounds but can still work as a longer range powerful weapon. Will this affect the general meta? Players will have to go in and test it for themselves.

Twin Hunters is the newest orb in Spike Rush. The orb releases two wolves to track down the nearest enemies, dashing towards them, slowing the enemy, and blinding them upon impact. Wolves have 150 HP and can be damaged or will just time out after 15 seconds if their target is not killed yet.

The surrender option came into a VALORANT patch recently and already has a quick change to it. In unrated mode, you can now surrender with four players’ approval instead of a full five. Now, in both competitive and unrated you can surrender at round five instead of round eight.

Other fixes included minor bugs in maps, user interface, and render improvements. Another small fix is that when you press escape from a textbox it erases what you had typed up already. VALORANT is continuing to grow, and so far Riot has been pretty good at listening to the community.