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Call of Duty Haunting of Verdansk: How Long Will Verdansk Remain Spooked?

The new update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare brings players a new Halloween event known as the Haunting of Verdansk. So how long will Verdansk remain haunted?

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Players have until November 3rd to participate in the Haunting of Verdansk event. That means you have just under 2 weeks to hop into the game and snag the new featured Leatherface bundle from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as Billy the Puppet from the Saw franchise and the original Dr. Karlov Lives bundle.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Madness

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundle

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bundle includes the iconic Leatherface skin for Velikan, as well as blueprints for the Family Heirloom Light Machine Gun, the Buzzkiller Submachine Gun, and the Meat Grinder Melee weapon. Purchasing the bundle will also grant access to The Squealer Vehicle Horn, Keychainsaw Charm, Familiar Face Sticker, Verdansk Chainsaw Massacre Calling Card, Killer Portrait Emblem, as well as the Nightmare Fuel Spray.

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Saw Skins, Stickers, Shotguns, and Sprays

Saw Bundle

The Saw bundle includes the Billy the Puppet skin for Morte, blueprints for the Confession Assault Rifle, Death Trap Shotgun, and Phlebotomist Melee weapon. The bundle also comes with the Pain Train Vehicle Skin, Let’s Play a Game Charm, Play Me Sticker, Saw Calling Card, The Choice is Yours Emblem, and finally the Spiral Cut Spray.


Dr. Karlov Lives Bundle

The Dr. Karlov Lives bundle (with arc lightning weapon & vehicle effects!) includes the Dr. Karlov skin for Bale, weapon blueprints for the Resonant Assault Rifle, the Efflux Submachine Gun, and the Thyristor Melee weapon. The bundle also includes Capacitor Vehicle Skin, Tesla Coil Charm, Out of Mind Sticker, Alternating Current Calling Card, Wardenclyffe Emblem, and Power Surge Spray.

Each of these bundles will run you 2400 COD Points which is about $20 USD…if you want all 3, it’ll cost you about $60 USD, but keep in mind you only have until November 3rd to pick them up before the event ends.

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