Here’s What is New in the Overwatch Anniversary Event

Fans have been gearing up for the start of the Overwatch anniversary event in 2020, which might be the game’s last before the sequel. Today marks the start of the event, and players can now participate in the festivities until June 9. 

The official fourth birthday of Overwatch is live on the servers. Developers teased the event by announcing a few skins to expect. Wrecking Ball got a sweet legendary skin called Submarine Wrecking Ball. Ashe received a little red riding hood type skin complete with a big bad wolf Bob. Overwatch devs also mentioned Dragoon Mercy, Hitzliopochtli Zenyatta and Masquerade Reaper. 

Alongside the event launch, there is a 2.39 gigabit update to the game with plenty of patch notes. The patch has gone live as of this afternoon and features some returning game modes like Lucio ball. Players can compete in weekly challenges through the event, with week 1’s completion being a carbon fiber Sigma skin.

Blizzard Entertainment

Anniversary is always the most anticipated event due to the opportunity to obtain things from past events like Lunar New Year, Summer Games and Halloween events. 

Sigma’s carbon fiber is classified as an “epic” skin, along with Fleur De Lis Widowmaker and Masked Man McCree, which are all available exclusively through loot boxes. Zenyatta, Mercy, Reaper and Wrecking Ball’s new skins are classified as “legendary” and can be purchased in the store.

All heroes have discounted skins from past events that are unlockable in the store. Along with new skins for select heroes, there is a variety of new voice lines, victory poses and emotes.

Along with new cosmetics, competitive deathmatch is available in the arcade, with specific new sprays for participants. Players have three weeks of planned out Overwatch anniversary fun.