Heroic Win ESL Pro League Season 13

Heroic triumphed over Gambit in a 7 hour marathon to win ESL Pro League Season 13 with a 3-2 series score. In what was their first event since the additions of Sjuush and Refrezh, Heroic will raise its first trophy since October of last year.

Heroic chose Inferno as the stage of the first map in the Best-of-Five series. Nevertheless, the Danes would start off on the wrong foot, with Gambit assembling a staggering defensive effort to close out the first half with an 11-4 scoreline. With Heroic now on the defence, the team would justify the map pick and comeback into the game, grabbing match-point at 15-14.

Down 3v5 in round 30, thanks to an entry from Casper ‘Cadian’ Møller and a team-kill from Dmitry ‘sh1ro’ Sokolov, Gambit would clutch and push it to overtime, even though at the end, it still wouldn’t be enough, with Heroic taking the first map 19-17.

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History would repeat itself for Vertigo, with Gambit jumping into a 12-3 lead in the attacking side of the map. The CIS powerhouse wouldn’t let their advantage slip this time, closing the map out on a dominating 16-3.

Gambit would be starting on the CT side of Train, the third map of the series. Sh1ro would top the server by the end of the half, thanks to some major contributions for his team.

Moving into T side, the scenario of the first map would be repeated, as Heroic would craw back from a large deficit with Gambit eventually stealing the 30th round to extend the match past regulation. After four action-filled overtimes, Heroic would close it out 28-26.

Overpass had an extremely competitive first half, with just one round separating the teams as they switched sides. Even though Rasmus ‘sjuush’ Beck, one of the two recent additions to Heroic, came in big on their T side, Gambit would run away with the map 16-10.

Heroic would show better colours in the final and deciding map of Mirage, with a one sided 13-2 first half putting the Danish squad in the driving seat. With the second pistol round in the bag, Heroic didn’t have to fight much more to close out the series with a 16-6 score and become the ESL Pro League Season 13 champions.

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