Hiko’s VALORANT Agent Tier List

Spencer “Hiko” Martin is one of the most popular VALORANT professional players. Like a few other pro players, Hiko’s agent tier list released earlier this week. The former CS:GO pro turned to VALORANT and 100 Thieves back in the spring when the game first came out. His streams routinely top the Twitch category for VALORANT even when his team isn’t topping tournaments. Hiko is known for his insane aim, positioning and inhuman reactions.

Hiko recently revealed his agent tier list for the game, with not a lot of surprises coming out of the 30-year-old pro. Yes, he does put Viper in the D-tier all by herself. But what makes this tier list interesting is that there have been a lot of tweaks to agents as of recently. This includes a nerf to Sage who, at one point, was a must-play at the pro level.

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After talking down on Viper like most of the VALORANT community, Hiko moved to the C-tier, which has a new face to it along with an agent he called “literally skill-less.” The former of which is Sage, the sentinel healer who was nerfed in patch 1.07.

Sage went from a healer character that never hurt to play to a healer character that can’t help hurt teammates. In patch 1.07, Sage’s wall was weakened and can’t shut off rushes anymore, her heal went from 100 health over five seconds to 60 health over five seconds and her slow orbs lost a lot of range. Hiko drops Sage in the C-tier after extensive nerfs to the character.

Hiko’s agent tier list also drops Reyna in the C-tier. Reyna is “literally skill-less” according to Hiko and if you’ve played with or against a Reyna, you might share that sentiment. “Teams that run Reyna put their heavy fraggers like TenZ and ScreaM on her, but they could have more of an impact on a different duelist. Outside of those two players, she is not good,” Hiko said on video.


Brimstone, Killjoy and Raze are in the middle of Hiko’s agent tier list. Brimstone in theory should be played more, as his smoke comp is great. But he just falls short of other smoking agent Omen, who can also has a flash and a lot of movement capabilities.

Killjoy is still so fresh to the game that she still isn’t completely fleshed out. It actually seems like people have figured out how to counter Killjoy before people learned to dominate with her. Raze’s blast pack was nerfed in patch 1.08, limiting her as a duelist compared to Phoenix and Jett.

Phoenix starts off Hiko’s A-tier. It seems like the meta right now favors duelists, with teams often running three of them along with a Cypher and sometimes Sova. Sova is great on Ascent, Bind and Haven, but is not really viable on Split. This keeps him out of the S-tier.

Breach’s utility has gained a little more popularity recently in the pro scene. Hiko acknowledged that with his pick of putting Breach in A-tier, citing his three flashes and ultimate.

S-tier makes a lot of sense right now, Cypher has no competition for most-played agent anymore. Cypher’s ability to hold a bombsite and demand teams to use utility to scope out a site is unmatched. Good teams can play around their Cypher as entry and as a sentry on defense.

Omen is in the top tier mainly due to his great flashes and smokes, and his movement. The meta is getting faster and faster for teams, and Omen can do the things Brimstone can do but better.

Finally, Jett is the one that doesn’t look like the others in S-tier. Jett’s utility, like her smokes, aren’t anything special. But her movement makes her a wonderful duelist to play on just about any map. Also, place an operator in a good Jett’s hands and your team will reap the rewards.