Hitman Trilogy: File Size Revealed By IO Interactive

Recently, IO Interactive have revealed that the file size for the Hitman Trilogy will be around 100GB when fully installed. This is a fantastic reduction in size. Here’s all we know…

If there’s any developer that knows what their fans want, it’s IO Interactive. Hitman has been a slightly under-the-radar gaming staple for a long time now and Hitman 3 is looking to be as great as the last two in the newer trilogy of titles.

Now, with Hitman 3 right around the corner… IO Interactive have made a few comments regarding the file size of all three Hitman titles. Thankfully, in a world of 200GB+ titles ( looking at you Modern Warfare ), Hitman will be stepping in the other direction.

Hitman Trilogy File Size Clocks In At Around 100GB

Thanks to texture compression, when Hitman 3 launches the file size of the first two IO Interactive Hitman titles is set to be reduced massively.

” One thing I think all of you will be happy to hear is that we have managed to get the size of the game down significantly…”

All of this will mean that the trilogy of Hitman titles will take up around 100GB of storage space. This is fantastic news for next-gen console players who are currently pressed for space on both the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5.

Hitman Trilogy File size
Credit: IO Interactive

All of this information was divulged in a ResetEra thread… But file size wasn’t the only thing discussed.

Hitman and Hitman 2 will reportedly receive a visual upgrade when Hitman 3 releases. This comes alongside the already-mentioned gameplay improvements that are being brought from IO Interactive’s new game engine to the older titles.

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Hitman 3 launches on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’s coming Jan 20 with 60FPS and 4K. Are you going to jump into the world of murder with Agent 47 again?

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