How to Build in Valheim

Valheim House

In Valheim, a good base is essential, but it can be difficult to know how to build a perfect house and understand the housing support system.

A Plain Terrain

The first thing that you need is plain terrain. It’s easier to build a strong house if the area is as flat as possible. You may want to build it next to the water too, so try to find a nice looking beach. 

Provided you have a hammer and a workbench, you can begin your construction. However, if you have a Hoe, you can use it to flatten the land. Flatland makes a good foundation, and this is of utmost importance. 

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Valheim Base Area

How to Work with the Support System

Building in Valheim means to understand the support system. But, sometimes it can be difficult to understand it. Yet, when you get it, you understand the reason why a good foundation is the most significant step in building your house.

When you first craft a piece and put it in the ground, it will glow with the blue colour when you put your hammer over it. The blue indicates that the piece is touching the ground and, therefore, has a solid foundation. Each blue piece is your main support for the rest of your construction. 

Valheim Support Piece

The more you build using the same support, the more the colours change. The first piece you build over the blue one will become green. And, from there one, the colours change to yellow, orange and red. 

Valheim Support Green Piece
Valheim Yellow Piece

Red hardly is a good colour in any game. Red means that the piece has terrible structural integrity. If you build more, the subsequent piece will break down. 

To fix that, poles and walls can help you improve the quality of your structure.

Valheim Green Piece With Pole

Building’s Decay

Your constructions aren’t immortal. Heavy rain, enemies and bad structural integrity can make the health of your building pieces down. A decayed piece has a greyish colour.

For that reason, use the hammer to repair the pieces without any cost otherwise they can breakdown.

Valheim Bulding Decay

How to Build a Chimney

You need fire to feel warm, sleep and cook but keeping it indoors creates a problem with smoke. So, a good chimney system is very important. 

Since fires can only be built on natural soil, you need to remove a tile from your house. And, to prevent the smoke from going inside your house, protect the smoke path with walls. 


Rains can put out the fire, so you need to protect it in a way that the smoke still has somewhere to go, like a roof very high up with ventilation areas. Is up to your creativity.

And remember, your bed must be within the fireplace warm’s reach.

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Valheim chimney outside

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