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How to Emote in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift has been available in various regions over the past few months, but the end of last month saw the release of Wild Rift in the Americas, and with it, a new patch and new emotes. Using emotes in Wild Rift is different than the PC version, though, so here’s how to emote in Wild Rift.

Emotes are an alternative to the chat system, as a way to communicate in-game. Rather than appearing in the chat log on the side of the screen, emotes appear above your character’s head, and are visible to all players, so it’s a quick way to communicate with allies or enemies without typing in the chatbox.

How to assign your emotes in Wild Rift

The first step to emoting is assigning emotes. Here’s how to assign your emotes:

  • Go to the collection tab (the one with the star) at the bottom of the main menu.
  • Click on the emotes section on the right side of the screen.
  • Tap one of the emotes you have unlocked, then tap on the slot you want to assign it to.

On the emotes screen, you will have the ability to assign either manual emotes or auto-fire emotes. Both can be used during a match.

How to emote in Wild Rift

  • Auto-fire emotes will happen automatically, during the start of a match, or if your team scores a victory or ace.
  • Manual emotes can be used from the chat menu.
    • Open up the chat menu.
    • Click on the smiley icon.
    • Click on one of the nine emotes that you assigned to a manual emote slot.

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