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How to Get Skins in League of Legends: Wild Rift

With Wild Rift patch 2.2, a wealth of new skins have been revealed. With all the great looking new skins that Riot is releasing, and all the ways there are to acquire them, there’s no excuse to not have at least one skin. Here’s how to get skins in Wild Rift.

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How to get skins in Wild Rift

There are four ways to acquire skins.

  • Pay for them from the store
  • Get them from chests
  • Earn them from rewards
  • Earn them from the premium Wild Pass

Getting skins from the store

Paying for skins isn’t as fun as getting free stuff, but some of the skins in Wild Rift aren’t available via other methods, so you’ll have to pay for them. Here’s how:

  • Go to the store tab in the bottom left
  • Click on the skin tab
  • Find a skin you want, and click on click on the button that tells you how many Wild Cores it costs
  • Buy the Wild Cores on the next screen

Getting skins from chests

Luckily, you don’t have to spend any money to get at least a few skins. With some of the events going on, such as Wild Welcome, Wild Rift Academy, and Rift to Rift, you can still get some skins for free. These events will offer a variety of skin selection chests, random skin chests, and Poro Coins.

Random skin chests will give you a random skin from the skin store. Skin selection chests will give you a set list of skins to choose from for a free skin. Skin selection chests do not encompass every skin in the store.

Poro Coins will be rewarded based on event progress and daily and weekly challenges. These can be spent in the Poro Store in exchange for chests, which can contain Poro Energy. Spending Poro Coins will also grant Poro Energy. At 5000, the Poro Energy Meter will be full, and can be exchanged for a random skin.

Credit: Riot Games

Earning skins from rewards

So far, there is only one way to earn free skins outside of events, and that is by reaching a certain rank in ranked mode. Currently, that skin is Glorious Jinx. Glorious Jinx is the reward for reaching Gold rank this season. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other ways to earn skins right now, but it is likely that Riot will continue rewarding skins based on ranked mode in the future.

Credit: Riot Games

Premium Wild Pass

The last way to get skins in Wild Rift is to buy the Wild Pass. The standard version of the Wild Pass will cost 590 Wild Cores, and will work similarly to battle passes in games like Call of Duty or Fortnite.

The Wild Pass will come with the Hexplorer Jax skin, as well as a random skin chest.

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