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How to Make a Bioethanol Farm in Craftopia

Craftopia Bioethanol Farm

In Craftopia, you need Bioethanol to progress your world age, discover islands, and make things. Here’s how to make a Bioethanol farm in Craftopia.

What you need

  • 4 wheat fields
  • 15 Absorbers
  • 4 steel chests
  • 2 cooking pots
  • 4 craft connectors 
  • 4 droppers
  • 21 walls
  • 9 floors
  • 1 sprinkler
  • 1 rotation saw
  • 3 conveyor belts
  • 2 aging facilities

Making a wheat farm

Craftopia Wheat Farm

The first part of making a Bioethanol farm is making the wheat that becomes Bioethanol.

  • First place a floor down
  • Then set up a conveyor belt one tile off in the air.
  • Place 4 wheat fields on top of the conveyor belt so that they are moved and fall onto the floor you placed.
  • Place three walls around the wheat fields and leave one opening.
  • Place a wall on top of the opening.
  • Place a floor behind the wall opposite the opening, and place a sprinkler on it.
  • Now place a rotation saw in the air above the wheat fields so that it drops inside

At this point, your wheat should be growing and the rotation saw will harvest it. The walls should prevent it from being able to move, so it will continuously harvest the grown wheat. But wheat needs to be made into Wheat Flour before it can be made into Bioethanol.

Making wheat flour from wheat

Craftopia Wheat Flour Farm

After you have your wheat farm set up, now you need to make a Wheat Flour farm from it.

  • Place 3 floors in a straight line from the opening on your wheat farm.
  • Place a steel chest on the middle tile with 3 absorbers on it facing the wheat farm.
  • Place 3 walls on one side of the line of floors, one on the other side next to the wheat farm, and one on the opposite side of the wheat farm.
  • Place a single absorber on the wall in front of the three on your steel chest to ensure the wheat is absorbed into the chest. 
  • Now place two floors on the open side.

Now we can start turning wheat into Wheat Flour.

  • Place two pots, one on each open side of the chest.
  • Then place a craft connector facing each pot on the chest. A laser should appear aimed at the cooking pot if done correctly.
  • Now click on the cooking pots, and select Wheat Flour to autocraft it.
  • Then place a chest diagonal to the first one and place 2 absorbers facing both pots, and one on top.
  • You can place walls behind this chest and behind the open cooking pot to ensure no Wheat Flour escapes.
  • Lastly, add a dropper to both cooking pots so that the Wheat Flour is pulled into the new chest.

Making bioethanol from wheat flour

Craftopia Bioethanol Farm

You should now have a chest with Wheat Flour in it.

  • Place a floor on the open side of the chest, and then place two aging facilities on it.
  • Place two craft connectors on the chest facing them and click on them to set their auto craft to Bioethanol.
  • Place three conveyor belts behind the aging facilities aimed in another direction, and one floor at the end of them.
  • Place walls around the conveyor belt and new floor except for the opening next to the aging facilities.
  • Place two steel chests at the end of the conveyor belt with absorbers on them facing at and away from the conveyor belt.
  • Lastly, place a dropper on each of your aging facilities facing the conveyor belt and you should be done.

That’s how to make a Bioethanol farm in Craftopia.