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League of Legends Sett Season 11 Guide: How To Play, Best Builds and Runes

This will be a fully explained Sett guide with the best builds, runes & how to play the Boss in League of Legends Season 11!
We will make changes to the builds according to the changes made to the live patch, so everything will be updated! Learn how to get started with Sett here!

Sett – Runes & Summoner Spells

Sett Runes

This is the usual runes you will run on Sett. Conqueror is the main keystone & the strongest one on the Boss. It helps him in prolonged trades & fights, granting him more AD (Attack Damage) & healing when at max stacks.
The Precision tree is usually constant: Triumph, Legend: Tenacity & Last Stand are the best set for him. In particular, Legend: Tenacity & Last Stand go hand-to-hand with Sett’s kit. It allows him to reduce crowd controls from enemies & increasing his damage when he’s at low health. We’ll explain that later in the Combo & Trading section.

Flash & Teleport

You usually want to get Flash & Teleport. Flash is the universal summoner that helps you can engage or escape from tricky situations.
Teleport instead will allow you to join fights from far away or help you not lose experience in case you recalled or died during laning phase.

Flash & Ghost

Another choice you can go for is Flash & Ghost. Instead of Teleport, you get Ghost in order to be able to chase after targets or force engages with the movement speed bonus. This rune combination is more used in the mid lane as you can join almost any fight by pathing either towards top lane or bot lane.

Sett Jungle

Flash & Smite

You can run Flash & Smite when playing as a jungler. Sett’s runes change depending on what you want to focus on. You can use the previous runes if you are looking to skirmish a lot during the early game. However, pros usually run a different set of runes.

Sett Jungle Runes

This set of runes focuses on chasing & engaging even more. The movement speed bonus from the Sorcery Tree makes sure that you stick to the target as much as possible, while also granting enough mobility to avoid certain skillshots in close range.
The Hextech Flashtraption is used by pros in order to gank from particular angles on the map, especially through walls. By doing so, you don’t give time to enemies to react since you won’t be seen & by the time they realize you’re there, you will have already engaged.

Sett Build & Skill Order

Sett Items & Build

With the recent items changes in preseason, Sett’s build has also undergone changes. His build is now tankier & relies less on damage.
For Mythic Items, Sett usually goes for Sunfire Aegis. It’s one of the strongest items in the game: the Immolate Passive ticking over time when he’s fighting enemies allows him to deal consistent damage while also being tanky. Turbo Chemtank works similarly but is better against magic damage heavy compositions.
As for the Legendary Items, it really depends on the enemies you are going up against. Usually it’s good to get an early Dead Man’s Plate for the MS boost, but also items like Force of Nature & Spirit Visage have synergy with Sett.
Rushing a Bramble Vest can be a good idea in case the enemies have a lot of healing. Gargoyle Stoneplate usually gets built when you have lots of health, meaning it will be around your 5th or 6th item.
In terms of which boots you should build, go for Mercury in most cases. The Tenacity Passive is extremely strong for almost any champion & it’s the highest value out of all boots. Get Plated Steelcaps instead if enemies deal damage with auto attacks. Boots of Swiftness can be bought early game if you think that having +15 MS is helpful.

Sett Damage-oriented build

In case you wanted to go for damage, these are the recommended items. Titanic Hydra is probably the best overall as it gives also better wave clear so you don’t have to rely on using the W. Black Cleaver is good against tanks with lots of armor while Sterak Gage allows you to survive for longer with the Shield Passive.

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Sett Abilities Max Order

For the skill order, you want to prioritize maxing W. It’s the strongest basic spell in Sett’s kit & allows him to go for long trades while also ensuring waveclear. You can max Q second if you need more damage (also remember that Q is an auto-attack reset). Max E for last since you don’t spam it as much.

During Early Game

In the early game, you usually want to engage & force trades with the opponent. It’s ok to get damaged as long as you can build your W’s grit up. If you’re against a ranged champion, try to farm CS without falling too much behind & try to help the jungler if he’s trying to fight in the river.
As a jungler, you want to either look for skirmishes or force ganks on any gankable lanes. Sett’s has insane gank setup so make sure to make full use of it & impact the lanes as much as you can.

Mid-Late Game

Towards the later stages of the game, you want to join your team & look for fights. Follow the engages you team makes or force your way through by using the E+Flash to slow down enemies. You can also try to Flash behind them & ult them back into your team to finish a kill.
Be careful, however, to the enemies carries. Being a Juggernaut, you don’t have reliable engage (unless you have Flash) so pay attention to the enemy backline as they might zone you out, killing you before you can actually do anything!


Sett is a pretty easy champion to learn & master. His kit is very straight-forward so it doesn’t require much mechanics. The main thing you have to learn with the Boss is knowing when to go for the engage & when to use the W to maximise the damage while making sure you don’t get bursted down before you cast it!
Hope you enjoyed our guide & make sure to check out our future guides on other champions!

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