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IEM Beijing EU: Complexity Meet Vitality in the Semi-Finals

On this Friday series of IEM Beijing Europe 2020, Complexity finally broke their six-map losing streak against BIG with a swift 2-0. Team Vitality will meet them tomorrow for the Semi-Finals, after sweeping Heroic on a similar scoreline. On the other side of the bracket, as G2 Esports are going up against Natus Vincere.

BIG was looking to capitalize on Complexity’s recent lack of success on Nuke in their map veto. Their venture didn’t go so well, as the rifles from Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer and Justin ‘jks’ Savage kept any outside control out of their plans.

Over at the T side, the European team dialed it up to eleven and took seven unanswered rounds to put 1-0 in the series and finish Nuke on a one-sided 16-6 affair.

COL haven’t lost a series at IEM Beijing

Ismailcan ‘XANTARES’ Dörtkardeş and Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke duelled it out for the first half of Overpass with the additional help of blameF pushing Complexity to a five-round lead. Switching over to the defensive side, even though other members of his squad would have their own chance to shine, k0nfig would be the brightest star in the sky.

But the forces of blameF would hit full stop once they got to 14. This allowed BIG to push for double digits and go all thirty rounds. They would be denied overtime as the ‘Juggernaut’ collapsed their B execute, securing the 2-0 and moving Complexity to the semi-finals.

Justin ‘jks’ Savage gave a masterclass on the B site of Overpass – YouTube

Team Vitality left Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom in the bench for their map pick of Overpass. They would have a flying start into the series, grabbing two five-round streaks in the first half with Heroic relying heavily on individual efforts to put rounds on the board.

Heading up to their T side, things went even more catastrophic for the Danes as a ruthless Vitality removed any chances of a comeback, seizing it 16-7. The French side finished Overpass having only lost three opening duels, a clear statement as the series was heading towards Nuke.

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Team Vitality kept the starting five for the second map, with the 31-year-old veteran Cédric ‘RpK’ Guipouy doing most of the heavy lifting on their first half, clutching a one-round lead.

A very back-and-forth second half forced the map to go beyond regulation time. It was there that the Danes showed up reinvigorated and ready to take the series to a third map, securing Nuke 19-16.

Nivera and Mathieu ‘Zywoo’ Herbaut carried Vitality through Inferno – Twitter

Inferno meant that Nivera would get a crack at the series, replacing Richard ‘shox’ Papillon. Unfortunately for Heroic, the Belgium youngster was fully charged and ready to dish out devastation, contributing with 17 kills to an 11-4 first half.

Moving to the defensive side of the map, Heroic would manage to consolidate their defences and put up a fight against the power duo of Nivera and Zywoo. Nonetheless, the damage done in the first half had been enough, and it was just a matter of time until Vitality seized the 2-1, eliminating the Danes with a 16-12 score.

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