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IEM Beijing EU: G2 and BIG Are the Last Teams to Reach Quarter-Finals

The final day of Group Stage at IEM Beijing Europe culminated in G2 Esports and BIG advancing to playoffs after wins against Mousesports and Ninjas in Pyjamas. IEM Beijing Europe will resume on Thursday for the Playoffs Stage.

G2 Esports would headline the first series of the day, jumping to an early lead on Inferno, the map pick of Mousesports. The German organisation would reduce the gap to three rounds before switching to the offensive side of the map.

Although Mouz would tie up the match in the second half, the power duo of Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub and Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač would push G2 to a 16-12 win on the first map.

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Retribution would come on Dust 2, as Mousesports set up a vigorous defence at the CT side, leading 10-5 by the half. G2 would reduce the gap, but Mousesports would close it out in regulation 16-12, extending the series to its third and final map of Nuke.

NiKo and crew would start the decider map on a dash, putting 11 rounds on the board and shutting down the T side from Mousesports, which seemed to lack any new ideas. Unable to bounce back on their defensive side, G2 would eliminate Mouz from the tournament with a 16-9 and move up to Playoffs.

After two close maps, BIG swept the Ninjas on Mirage – Credit to HLTV

NiP chose the battleground of the first map, taking us to the heights of Vertigo. The first time would be seemingly balanced for the two sides, with BIG pulling ahead in the beginning of the second half. The Ninjas would extend it into overtime, but it would be BIG to come out victorious, 19-17.

Nuke would be a completely different chapter, with NiP putting 10 rounds on their defensive side and hinting a third map. Suspicions would be confirmed as the Ninjas steam-rolled over BIG on the offensive side of the map with a 16-7 score, taking us to the decider of Mirage.

IEM Beijing will return Thursday for Playoffs

Over at the final map, BIG would smash the hopes and dreams of NiP moving up to the playoffs with 13 rounds on the scoreboard just on the back of their T side. It would be too late for any comeback from the Ninjas, and BIG would 2-1 their way to the next stage of the event, with a resounding 16-6 score.

The Playoffs Stage of IEM Beijing Europe will begin this Thursday, with eight teams still fighting for the title that will give them a spot at the IEM Global Challenge 2020.

FaZe Clan will get the chance to face their former player Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač as they will play G2, the Danish stars of Astralis will meet the CIS powerhouse of Natus Vincere, the Juggernaut of Complexity will go up against BIG and finally Heroic will meet Team Vitality.

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