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IEM Beijing EU: Heroic and Astralis Advance to the Quarter-Finals

This Saturday series determined the first two teams from Group B to reach the Quarter-Finals of IEM Beijing Europe. Heroic would get the better of Ninjas in Pyjamas after a close 2-1 series and (…)

The Ninjas started the series on Mirage, with a residual one round lead giving them the edge on an otherwise very balanced half of Counter-Strike. Switching over to the defensive side, the squad lead by Hampus ‘hampus’ Poser would trade a six round streaks with Heroic before conquering the first map on a 16-13 scoreboard for the Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Heroic would make a swift reply on their own map pick, finishing the infamous T side of Train with a staggering 10 rounds, landing them a comfortable advantage as they headed towards the defensive side. Although the pistol round went the way of the Ninjas, Heroic would quickly dispatch them with a 16-6 scoreboard.

Heroic was the fifth team to reach the IEM Beijing Playoffs

Heroic would keep up the momentum into the decider map of Vertigo, but the Ninjas would resurge on the later stages of the first half, keeping the series up for grabs.

Now playing on the defensive side of the map, the Danes would stray ahead and be the first team to get 14 on the board. Now that their cage had been rattled, the Ninjas would come out swinging and burst into 13.

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The 28th round would be pivotal to decide the match, and it would be Johannes ‘b0RUP’ Borup to snatch it with a ninja-defuse, putting Heroic in match-point. 16-13 would be the final score, giving the series to Heroic and qualifying them for the Quarter-Finals of IEM Beijing Europe.

IEM Beijing is the second event for Astralis since the return of Andreas ‘xyp9x’ Højsleth – Photo credits to BLAST

The second series of the day would start on Dust 2, and it would pit Astralis against Mousesports. Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen would kick off the Best-of-Three on a tear, contributing 24 kills to a dominant 11-4 half from the Danes. From there, it would be an easy path to a 16-5 win on the first map.

Mouz would make a great entrance on the second map, but Astralis would slowly reduce the gap, with Nuke proving quite frenetic, as both sides threw all they could at each other, scoring force-buys after force-buys.

A monumental 1v4 clutch from Chris ‘chrisJ’ de Jong would break the stalemate and push Mouz to 15. And not even an auto-shotgun triple kill from Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz would save Astralis, as mousesports would avoid overtime by securing a 16-14 win, taking us all the way to Inferno.

Mouz felt completely lost on Inferno

However, we wouldn’t get much action out of the third map, as Astralis would blow Mouz out of the water with a 14-1 first half, smoothly converting it to a series winning 16-3 victory.

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