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IEM Beijing EU: Vitality Go All Five Maps and Raise The Trophy

The Grand-Finals of IEM Beijing-Haidian Europe 2020 would be a five map marathon between Vitality and Natus Vincere. After four lost finals, the French roster would break the curse and raise the trophy. With this victory, the team lead by Dan ‘apEX’ Madesclaire will make an appearance at the IEM Global Challenge 2020 and secure the $60,000 prize.

This Best-of-Five series would start on the map pick of Natus Vincere. The CIS roster would make a great entrance on Nuke, with a 10-5 advantage by the end of their T side, using their upper level control to restrict and disjoint Team Vitality.

Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev was firing on all cylinders and that certainly didn’t bod well for the French roster. Na’Vi went on to take the first map on a 16-5 score, with their star player contributing with 27 frags.

S1mple looked unstoppable at the IEM Beijing Finals

Dust 2 mean a chance for Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom to revitalize Vitality, subbing in for Kévin ‘misutaaa’ Rabier. Nevertheless, the Belgium wouldn’t be the brightest star on the server, as s1mple would once again turn the odds in favour of Natus Vincere after chaining two back-to-back quad-kills with an ace to stomp the momentum of Team Vitality.

Nothing would go the way of Vitality when they moved into the defensive side of Dust 2, with Natus Vincere quickly moving towards match-point.

Highlights from Nivera and Richard ‘shox’ Papillon would keep them in the game for a while, but the French roster would still fall 16-12, with Na’Vi being one map away from the IEM Beijing title.

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Vitality would finally give signs of life on Overpass, with a clear-cut 12-3 shut down on their CT side. The French roster would waste no time and take their first win in the series, putting it 2-1 with a landslide 16-6.

The latest addition of Vitality would be instrumental for their success in the series – Twitter

Inferno would be the fourth map of the series, and Team Vitality was up for a great start, denying critical information for the defensive lines of Natus Vincere, concluding their offensive side on a seven round lead.

Na’Vi would answer on their T side but Vitality would intercept them before they could reach double digits, with misutaaa, that had replaced shox for this map, scoring a triple kill to make it 16-9 and take us to a fifth and final map.

Zywoo dealt the coup de grâce on Mirage

A godlike 9 HP ace from Mathieu ‘Zywoo’ Herbaut would open up Mirage, prompting Vitality to do a Tactical Timeout on the second round.

The Frenchman would repeat the dosage on round 5, getting yet another ace clutch. Considering these highlights, Natus Vincere would conquer a respectable five rounds, and win the second pistol round, hinting at a possible comeback.

They would go as high as eight on the scoreboard, with Zywoo would finish what he started, getting the last kill and completing the reverse sweep, as Team Vitality secured the IEM Beijing title.

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