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IEM Beijing NA: Chaos Defeat Triumph to Take the Title

In a final between two underdogs, Chaos would have the better day and raise the trophy of IEM Beijing North America 2020, after a 3-1 series jam packed with one-sided blow outs. This means that Chaos will join FURIA, Heroic and Vitality on European soil for the IEM Global Challenge 2020.

These results come after a recent DBLTAP report pointed towards the organization leaving competitive Counter-Strike and after rumours that the designated AWP player of Triumph, Paytyn ‘junior’ Johnson could soon replace Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles on FURIA.

Chaos would enter the Best-of-Five series with style and grace, completing an astonishing 13-2 half on the T side of Train. Moving over to the easier part of the map, it wouldn’t take much for Chaos to close out the first map, with a final score of 16-5.

Chaos might be the next North American organization to exit CS – Chaos Esports Club

Triumph would have a much better time on the second map of the series, finishing the first half of Mirage with a small lead. They would extend this gap over at the defensive side, with Chaos ultimately being unable to find their rhythm on attack, with Triumph managing to seal the deal 16-11, tying up the series 1-1.

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Chaos chose Overpass as the third map, getting an impressive eleven rounds on the offensive side of the map, as Edgar ‘MarKE’ Maldonado succeeded time and time again at opening sites for his team. As teams switched sides, we would witness another blow out, as Chaos seized series point with a 16-5.

Chaos closed IEM Beijing with two one-sided maps

And Nuke was looking like it would go the same way, as Chaos scored a merciless CT side where they managed to get 12 rounds on the board. However, Triumph would string up a comeback on the defence, slowly climbing up the ladder to meet their opponents, that were seemingly stuck at match-point.

With the impending hammer of 15-14 hovering over the two teams, It would all come down to round 30, and a late B wrap through outside would give an unwinnable retake for Triumph, handing the map and the tournament to Chaos.

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