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IEM Beijing NA: Chaos Join Triumph at the Grand-Final

The Semi-Finals of IEM Beijing North America would see another upset, as Chaos outlasted Evil Geniuses with a 2-1 victory at the series. They will join Triumph at the Grand-Finals, after they defeated Team Liquid by an equal margin. These two underdogs will battle it out for a spot at the IEM Global Challenge 2020 and $35,000.

Chaos got off to a flying start on their own map pick of Overpass, with a great offensive performance netting them a five round advantage in the first half.

Evil Geniuses didn’t look at the peak of their capabilities, and Chaos took this opportunity to string their way to 15 rounds, with Edgar ‘MarKE’ Maldonado leading the charge. It took Chaos six match-points but they would secure map one, with a 16-11 scoreline.

Evil Geniuses swept Chaos on Inferno

With the Geniuses playing on their map pick of Inferno, this match-up would look much different, with EG being able to chain rounds over at the defensive side of the map, with their main star Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte on top of the scoreboard.

Chaos would clench some rounds here and there but they would finish the half trailing by three rounds, a gap that would be insignificant on the second half, as EG would put seven unanswered rounds in a row to take the map 16-6, extending the series to a third map.

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Starting on the T side of Nuke, Evil Geniuses were up to a good start, putting seven on the board before Chaos got to chain their own streak, relying heavily on the efforts of their young talent Nathan ‘leaf’ Orf.

The final outcome of this series depended on how the second half of Nuke would play out. Evil Geniuses would keep it neck-and-neck up to 11-11, but Chaos would run away with the result, capitalizing on uncharacteristic mistakes from EG to streak five rounds and come out with the 2-1 victory in the series.

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