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IEM Beijing NA: Chaos Outlast Rugratz And Reach Playoffs

The fourth day of IEM Beijing 2020 saw Chaos defeat Rugratz in a series that went all the way to a third map. Despite the weak performance on the first map, Chaos showed sheer dominance over the last two maps of the series and will now join Team Liquid on the Playoffs Stage.

Rugratz picked Overpass, but it would be Chaos to start the Best-of-Three series on a high note, doing respectable work on the defensive side and achieving a three round lead by the half.

Now on the attack, Chaos would augment this distance and threaten to close the map. Up against the ropes, the individual talent of Rugratz started to shine, with impressive holds translating into solid retakes in a seamless fashion. A seven-round streak would give them the map at 16-13.

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Chaos were walking into Train with a 12 win streak, with the squad of Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina stampeding through the Rugratz defence to get nine on the board. However, they would falter for the last six rounds in the half, leaving an opening for a Rugratz comeback in the second half.

But such an opportunity would never arrive, as 16 year old Nathan ‘leaf’ Orf would power Chaos to a 16-8 result, taking things to the decider map of Nuke.

Chaos sealed the IEM Beijing playoffs on Nuke

Starting over on the defensive side, Erick ‘xeppa’ Bach would show up big time for the side of Chaos, dropping 26 kills and carrying his squad to a 10-5 half.

The onslaught would continue as Chaos switched to the T side, with Rugratz putting a single round on the defensive side before they got eliminated out of the tournament. A 16-6 effort would seal the series 2-1 and give Chaos a spot in the playoffs.

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